Couple Who Revealed They Didn’t Have Sex Until They Were Married Labeled ‘Nerds’ By Cruel TikTok Trolls

Couple Who Revealed They Didn’t Have Sex Until They Were Married Labeled ‘Nerds’ By Cruel TikTok Trolls

Deciding when to become physically intimate with a partner for the first time is an incredibly personal decision and one that varies depending on the relationship. However, that didn’t stop cruel internet trolls from labeling newlywed couple and popular TikTokers Stephanie and Caleb as “f***ing nerds” for revealing they didn’t sleep together until they got married. Wow, harsh much?


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  1. They revealed the news in a recent video. The couple published a video in which they listed a number of things they did before having sex, one of which was getting married. However, it didn’t quite have the impact the couple likely expected. One commenter responded: “Are you expecting to get a trophy?” Another sarcastically added: “congratulations! you’re better than EVERYONE.”
  2. Some people were downright mean about it. There were many who called Stephanie and Caleb “f***ing nerds” or claimed their marriage was doomed to fail as their decision was akin to buying a car without test driving it first. After all, this is social media we’re talking about here, so people didn’t hold back on the cruel comments.
  3. They weren’t without their defenders, of course. There were people who commended the couple for their strength and their decision to wait until they’d made a firm commitment to one another before hopping into bed. Those were likely the people who share Stephanie and Caleb’s strong Christian beliefs. “This comment section is so sad. What a sad world. Congratulations to the couple! Be proud of that!” one commenter wrote.
  4. Stephanie and Caleb forgive all the haters. Because of their strong relationship with God, they don’t feel angry or hate any of the people who were so mean to them. “We had so many comments filled with so much hate and judgment towards us,” Stephanie said in a subsequent post. “And we have something to say to all those people who are hating on us,” Caleb continued. Stephanie went on to say that those who were rude to them were “loved and forgiven” and that “God tells us to forgive those who hurt us.” Hey, they made the right decision for themselves and it doesn’t affect anyone else, so why would anyone else care?

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