Couple Uses ‘Beer Boy’ At Their Wedding Instead Of Flower Girl

While there’s nothing wrong with having a more traditional wedding, some couples are getting creative with how they spend their special day, incorporating personalized touches to make the ceremony much more memorable for themselves as well as their guests. For example, one bride and groom decided to replace the flower girl at their wedding with a beer boy who came down the aisle pre-ceremony to hand out flowers and ice-cold brews to guests. How incredible is that?


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  1. Flower girls are cute, but beer boys are awesome. While generally, one of the couple’s relatives wears a frilly dress and tosses petals before the couple exchange vows, the groom, Brandon, revealed that the beer boy was there to really get the party started by giving out some chilled beers. He also threw out some white and pink flowers just for good measure.
  2. Who doesn’t love a cold beverage on a hot summer day? In addition to being creative and pretty funny, having a “beer boy” at your wedding is also just practical. The weather is still pretty warm out there, so I’m sure the guests really appreciated a refreshingly cold drink.
  3. Everyone on social media is loving the idea. Brandon posted a video of the “beer boy” in action and the video went mad, with more than 6 million views at the time of writing alone. “This is so fun and unique! I love the idea of a more casual and relaxed wedding, with some humor and beverages,” one commenter wrote. Another added: “This is the best idea ever. I absolutely love this! If I ever get married this would be something I would love to do!”
  4. This wasn’t the only hilarious touch Brandon and his bride added to the wedding. They also had their wedding singer belt out some pretty R-rated songs, including Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz’ classic “Get Low.” That sounds like a wedding I’d actually want to attend!

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