Cruise Ship Passengers Terrified After Waking Up To Find Water Gushing From Ceiling

Many people love going on cruises, finding it a relaxing, laid-back experience that provides the ultimate getaway. However, there are plenty of downsides, too — between food poisoning and Legionnaire’s disease outbreaks, there are many reasons to avoid cruises altogether. There’s also the (admittedly small) danger of the ship sinking, and no doubt the horrified passengers on board a California cruise ship worried that was the case recently when they woke up and discovered water pouring from the ceilings.

Video of the terrifying incident was posted on TikTok.

In a clip uploaded by @dawn7877 on October 17, passengers can be seen leaving their cabins and walking out into flooded hallway, which looks ankle-deep with water.

The Carnival Radiance cruise ship was off the coast of California when the incident happened, and those aboard quickly rushed to save their stuff from becoming damaged by the water.

A woman aboard the ship recalled how scary the experience was.


Our room flooded on carnival cruise radiance. Its been 4 hours and no one has came and spoke to us. Im so 😡 #carnivalcruise #flooded #nohelp

♬ original sound – Amber

Amber, who uploaded the video, shared how scary it was to see the water rushing in, especially since it happened in the dead of night.

“At 2am we were woken up with water gushing into our room for the ceiling. It was absolutely terrifying,” she shared.

Another passenger named Ryan McGuyer agreed with Amber, writing on Facebook that he and his family were traumatized by what happened on the cruise, which was their first.

“We had over a foot and a half of standing water in the room. It ruined everything,” he wrote. “That was our first cruise, our kids are traumatized and will never want to go on another.”

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Thankfully, it wasn’t actually seawater that entered the ship.

In fact, it was water from the ship itself. Carnival later said in a statement (via The Mirror) that a burst pipe was to blame for the flooding around its corridors and into its cabins. Hardly compensation for those whose belongings were soaked, but certainly better than the alternative.

A spokesperson for the company said that the “burst water line” affected less than 2% of rooms on board and that “the ship’s team members cleaned the area and the pipe was fixed.”

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