Dad Takes 9-Year-Old Son To Hooters To Celebrate Good Grades

When I was a kid, the treats I got for a good report card were pretty basic. I went for a McDonald’s Happy Meal or maybe got a few bucks to buy snacks at the little league field. However, one British dad decided his 9-year-old son Buddy deserved something a bit better: a trip to Hooters. If you’re thinking that restaurant isn’t the place for a small child, you’re not alone. However, Paul Edwards, Buddy’s dad, stands by the Hooters trip.

Edwards posted a photo of his smiling son at Hooters on Twitter. Buddy grinned in front of a plate of burgers and onion rings as Hooters waitresses in booty shorts worked in the background. He seemed pretty pleased to be there, that’s for sure. “Nice quiet meal with me boy,” Edwards captioned the photo.

His dad thought it would be a great “surprise” for Buddy, especially since they have TVs that play sports matches.

“He always thought it was fake, so when one opened up in Liverpool, I surprised him with a visit. He was a bit shy at first but then he loved it — the staff were great and so helpful, and the food was beautiful,” Edwards said. “It’s a great place to watch the match.”

If you’re wondering how Buddy’s mom reacted to this little trip, Paul Edwards insists she was “cool” with it and even gave them a ride.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, social media has had a field day with the photos. Edwards has had many critics who insist that Hooters isn’t a place to take a 9-year-old boy.

“Mate, this is creepy as f**k,” one person wrote, with another adding, “I don’t think he’s smiling cause of the meal.” A third person questioned, “So if your wife took your daughters to see naked men, would that be OK?”

However, Edwards isn’t bothered by the haters. In fact, he says he’d happily repeat the trip. “He loved it and wants to go again [this] weekend,” he tweeted.

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