Dads Can Now Breastfeed Their Babies Thanks To This Japanese Invention

If parents decide to breastfeed their babies, chances are those duties of getting the little one fed fall heavily on mom. This isn’t because dads don’t want to be involved, but generally because they lack the ability of those born with female anatomy to be able to do so. However, a Japanese invention by a company called Dentsu has decided to make getting dads involved with feeding much easier by inventing a product that allows them to “breastfeed” their infant.

  1. Dentsu debuted the product at SXSW in 2019. Called the Father’s Nursing Assistant, Dentsu‘s invention is genius in its simplicity. It’s a device that dads can strap on and simulate breasts. It’s then loaded up with milk and the baby can latch on. What more can you ask for?
  2. It lets moms get some much-needed rest. There’s no doubt that raising a child is hard, and those first months and years when they’re extremely small are totally exhausting, especially for breastfeeding moms. By enabling dads to get more actively involved, moms can actually get some sleep. “Focusing on breastfeeding, we aim to decrease the amount of burden on mothers and increase the amount of time infants sleep by enabling fathers to breastfeed,” Dentsu read.
  3. It also helps dads bond with their babies. It’s easy for dads to feel left out, especially since moms who breastfeed their babies spend a lot of time feeding, thereby increasing their bond. With Dentsu’s inventions, dads can begin to feel more actively involved and also develop those deeper connections with their little ones.
  4. Dentsu got a lot of good advice when designing the product. They asked for advice from pediatricians and babysitters as well as parents when designing the product. Knowing that babies are comforted by the softness and roundness of their mother’s bosom, they even made the product soft and curvy to mimic that feeling. They also added a strap to make the device hands-free so both arms can be used to hold the baby.
  5. At the moment, it’s still only a prototype. However, here’s hoping it comes to market soon as it could prove valuable for all parents.

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