Dating A Leo Man: 11 Things You Should Know

Born between July 23 and August 23, a Leo man is proud, charming, and protective, not to mention totally devoted to his partner. He sounds perfect, but not everyone is a great fit for the dominant personality that is a Leo man. Here’s what you need to know about dating this sociable sign.

He needs your attention. A Leo man needs the care and attention of his partner. While some signs prefer a more independent type of relationship, a Leo man requires ongoing acknowledgment from the woman he’s seeing. That’s not to say that you have to be co-dependent or live in each other’s pockets. This just isn’t the type of sign that responds well to being ignored or forgotten about for long periods of time. Nobody really enjoys being ignored by the person they’re dating, but Leo is especially sensitive to their significant other prioritizing others ahead of him

He likes a partner who can elevate his status. Leo men are often super successful and that’s usually because they’re very ambitious. They have big goals when it comes to their careers and when it comes to their social status. We won’t use the words ‘social climbers’, but this sign does like to spend life around certain company. He tends to be attracted to partners who can elevate his social status, or help him to boost his own.

He’s the life of the party. If you’re going to date a Leo man, you have to accept that other people are going to be drawn to him too. This sign is charming and attractive, and when he attends social events, he’s the life of the party. You don’t necessarily have to keep up with him in this regard, as sometimes opposites do attract. But you do have to accept that other people will be giving him attention too.

He’s devoted to his partner. A Leo man may flirt harmlessly, but in most cases he’s incredibly devoted to his partner. Like Harry Styles, he would actually walk through fire for you if he’s in love with you. He’s incredibly loyal, and while he does like to have fun and live life to the fullest, infidelity doesn’t come naturally to him.

He’s protective and affectionate. Being the lion of the zodiac, Leo is naturally protective. He can be defensive when it comes to protecting his own honor, but he’s especially protective of his loved ones. He will defend you to the death and stand up for you in every conversation. Typically, this sign also has no problem showing affection to the person he’s seeing and lets his loyalty be shown.

He’s courageous. Of course, Leo is the most courageous sign in the zodiac. He does get scared sometimes, but he carries on as if he’s not. He’s incredibly brave when it comes to putting himself out there for those he loves. And when this sign does feel scared, he won’t let on. He will maintain the persona of a fearless warrior.

More things to expect when dating a Leo man

He likes to get out and socialize. Leo is a natural extrovert and feels the most energized when he’s around other people. He is the life of the party because he enjoys them immensely, and loves nothing more than to be surrounded by people. Saying that, he also enjoys more low-key opportunities to socialize. He’ll happily attend quiet dinner parties and intimate catch-ups just as often as raging parties.

He has a great sense of humor. Leo is almost guaranteed to make you laugh. This sign has a keen sense of humor and likes to poke fun at nearly everything. However, he doesn’t always find it hilarious when the joke is on him. His pride is far too developed for him to accept being the butt of the joke. But in other cases, he can find the humor in just about everything. In this way, he can bring sunshine when life is gray.

He’s more sensitive than he looks. While Leo is definitely proud and charismatic, he’s also more sensitive than he looks. It’s very easy to hurt his feelings, even though it seems like nothing can hurt them. When his feelings are hurt, he can lash out with hurtful words and a short temper. But as he has a heart of gold, he’ll almost always apologize after.

He’s surprisingly wise. Leo is surprisingly wise, and tends to give out very useful advice to those who ask for it. He’s a naturally positive person and tends to look at the up-side of life. But he also has the ability to be objective and evaluate all sides of things before offering his perspective. When dating him, don’t hesitate to ask him for advice or guidance. He’ll love the chance to give it to you and, in most cases, will have nuggets of wisdom for you.

He expects his partner to back him up. Just as Leo is a loyal and protective partner, he expects his significant other to back him up in the same way. He can feel hurt and rejected when his fierce sense of loyalty isn’t reciprocated. In particular, he can get irritated when he feels like his significant other is siding with other people over him. He wants to be your ride or die, and he asks that you be his too.

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