Dating A Guy Who’s In Touch With His Feminine Side Is My Ultimate Dream

I’m bisexual but I think men with a more feminine flair are sexy as all hell. There don’t seem to be many out there that are into dating women but I’m keeping my eyes peeled because I’d love to date one of them.

They’re less likely to be horny all of the time.

With more feminine men, sex isn’t the be all and end all. It just isn’t the focus of what they’re trying to do every day. Don’t get me wrong, they’re horny enough, but they won’t be trying to jump my bones all the time. This is especially good in the beginning when I’m trying to feel out a relationship and I don’t want to sleep with someone right away. More likely than not, they’ll understand.

They tend to have good support networks.

I’ve found that men who are less filled with testosterone tend to have more generous support networks. They have an army of people around them who support them and help them grow. In my experience, they aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with their loved ones. This benefits a relationship because it helps us avoid codependency and instead means the dude will process things with his friends, giving the relationship space to breathe.

They usually have a better grip on sexism. 

The more feminine men that I’ve known have uncoincidentally also been feminists. Not only are they refraining from perpetuating sexism but they’re activists for intersectional feminism too. This is sexy AF. I love a guy who can keep up with my level of action and awareness. It helps to make us both happier in the relationship and we can have those important conversations that really matter.

They often have a heightened ability to empathize.

Men who are less traditionally masculine seem like they’d be higher on the emotional intelligence scale. They’re likely to be filled with empathy, a quality usually attributed more to women. Having compassion and the ability to understand other people’s feelings would make a relationship a whole lot easier because my partner could meet me where I’m at.

They’re a lot more sensitive most of the time.

Oh man, I love a sensitive guy. There’s something so sexy about a dude who isn’t afraid to show that he has big feelings. Being sensitive would mean I’d have to be more careful about what I say and do because he may be affected more deeply, but it’d be worth it. We’d be able to connect on a heart level and he’d understand my softness towards the world. We’d be soft AF together.

They’re almost always open books.

These men often have an openness that super masculine men don’t have. There’s a gentleness and a willingness to be vulnerable. It’s so brave, it’s like their hearts are wide open. As a result of these things, there are no secrets. It’s easy to read the emotions on the guy’s face and there are no guessing games when it comes to feelings. It’d be a huge relief.

They probably love to shop. 

A feminine flair includes being a fan of shopping. It’s hard to drag traditionally masculine men out to different stores; they generally don’t want to be there. This kind of guy, on the other hand, would be my shopping buddy. He’d love to check out a variety of stores with no shame at all. The no shame part is really important—he’d be totally cool with how much he loves shopping. It’d be glorious.

They’re generally willing to learn.

OK, this isn’t reserved only for more feminine men, but there’s a unique quality to them that shows their willingness to learn and grow. They’re less hardened and don’t think that they know it all. They’re more open to feedback. This is great for a relationship because it means both of us can open up, take a look at what we’re doing, hear criticism, and change.

They’re definitely not afraid of “seeming gay.” 

I’m all for gender fluidity. Who says guys can’t wear makeup, paint their nails, even wear dresses? I think it’s so sexy and wonderful when a straight or bisexual guy isn’t afraid to “seem gay,” and as a result can do the things that make him happy. The label doesn’t bother him because he’s secure in who he is. I’d support him in just about anything he wanted to do regardless of the social consequences.

They’re often more cultured. 

They’re a bit more hip with the times. They’d probably even show me up with their knowledge of artists and pop culture stars. This would be a lot of fun and they’d certainly be a good trivia buddy. More importantly, though, they know about more than just football. They may even love sports too, but their knowledge of the world is vast and rich. I’d certainly learn a lot from them.

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