9 Signs You’re Dating A Man Who Doesn’t Respect Women

When you’re in a relationship with a guy, it goes without saying that they should offer you a few things: consideration, kindness, and respect. Without those things, you’re pretty much doomed. That’s why it’s important to look out for the signs he doesn’t respect women — if you notice any of them, get out ASAP.

  1. He expects you to do all the housework. It’s estimated that men create seven extra hours of housework for women per week. What the hell is wrong with them and why can’t they clean up after themselves? Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re the one who should be doing all of the chores. Men are completely capable of doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning stuff, too. If he gets on your ass constantly and berates you with lines like, “That’s your job,” then he’s treating you like an accessory rather than a partner.
  2. He refers to women as whores, bitches, and sluts. A guy who respects women doesn’t go around calling them offensive names when she’s being disagreeable. He knows better than to resort to petty insults, and if your boyfriend doesn’t, there’s a serious problem. That language is completely offensive and inappropriate, and you don’t want to be involved with someone like that.
  3. He treats his mother like crap. You can tell a lot about how a man feels about women by how he treats his mother. If he calls her a “bitch” or constantly makes rude remarks to her face and talks down to her a lot, he’s waving a giant RED FLAG. He won’t treat you any better than he treats her. This is one of the most obvious signs he doesn’t respect women, for sure.
  4. He asks if you’re on your period as a way to disregard your feelings. Asking you if it’s your time of the month when he’s trying to end an argument is as rude as it is ignorant. You’re allowed to have feelings regardless of your menstrual cycle, and he doesn’t get to invalidate you. This is a shitty way for him to write off what are likely legitimate concerns and take the heat off himself.
  5. He thinks and acts like he’s superior to you. Does he make it a point to remind you that you wouldn’t have anything that you have without him? Does he treat you more like property than your companion? If he constantly reminds you of the upper hand he has, he straight up doesn’t respect you and you deserve better than to put up with his crap.
  6. He comments on the way you and other women dress. He’s always got an opinion when a woman is wearing something even slightly revealing. He might even tell you to cover it up because he’s threatened by your right to be yourself and dress as you please. Yes, you have a right to wear whatever the hell you want; he has zero say in it and he’s wrong for putting you or any other woman down for it.
  7. He acts like you owe him sex. If this isn’t one of the most obvious (and dangerous) signs he doesn’t respect women, I don’t know what is. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats you in the bedroom. While a passionate and rougher consensual romp is one thing, it’s quite another when he’s either way too forceful or gets legit angry when you’re not in the mood. You’re not his sex slave; you’re his partner. He needs to respect you.
  8. He undermines other women because “they’re women.” Any man who constantly speaks to you in a condescending manner because you’re a woman and uses your gender as a way to prove you and any other woman is unworthy of the same privilege he has is a moronic meat-head that you need to toss to the curb.
  9. He doesn’t hesitate to lay a hand on you. This goes without saying. If he lays his hand on you, you need to lay your hand on the doorknob and get the hell out of there, like, ASAP. This isn’t just disrespect, it’s abuse, and you shouldn’t put up with it. Find a way to seek support, get away from him, and never look back.

If you’re the victim of domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Helpline 24/7 at (800) 799-SAFE (7233) or text “START” to 88788.