The Dating Struggles Of Ambitious Women

The Dating Struggles Of Ambitious Women ©iStock/PeopleImages

It seems like when it comes to dating, ambitious women come with an invisible stamp across their forehead marked “WARNING”. Some men simply can’t handle our drive in life and feel threatened by it. Because of this, our romantic lives can be rather challenging to navigate. Luckily, we’re no strangers to challenge.

  1. We have interests outside of finding love. As much as we want love in our lives, our worlds don’t revolve around it because quite frankly, we’ve got other stuff to do. We stay focused on our goals above anything else most of the time, and we will until we find a love that’s actually worth a bit more sacrifice.
  2. We’re committed to our goals and won’t drop them for anyone. We can’t just cancel our weekend plans to make room for someone new because we’ve got stuff to get done. This doesn’t mean we don’t like you, it just means we’ll only accommodate you after we’ve accommodated ourselves.
  3. We have wild ideas that men think are silly. Sometimes our ambitions and goals might seem over-the-top to the men we’re interested in. When we share our passions and wild ambitions, some guys are shocked that we’re aiming so high. Get over it. We always dream big, and even if we only achieve half of what we desire, we’re still making solid headway.
  4. Our schedules are legit busy. When we say we lead busy lives, it’s not an exaggeration. We’re all juggling jobs, life responsibilities, and a social calendar to boot, but ambitious women also have real time scheduled for pursuing our wildest dreams and putting things into motion. Please forgive us if we can’t see you five days a week right off the bat. We need time to adjust to dating someone in the beginning.
  5. We have a hard time showing we need a man. It’s difficult for us to give up even a bit of independence, so if we don’t ask for help with anything, it’s not because we feel we don’t need you — it’s because we’re used to doing everything ourselves. We need a little time and patience to make room for two people in this equation.
  6. We’re told we’re “too smart.” Men have likely told us on more than one occasion that we’re “too smart,” which is actually such a load of crap. Just because a woman is smart doesn’t mean she’s not worthy of love or a chance at a relationship. We just wish some men weren’t so intimated by our hard earned intellect.
  7. We’re always offering advice, and it’s seen as arrogant or pushy. We’re natural born go-getters and as such, we want anyone in our company to be successful, too. When we offer our advice in a reach-for-the-stars manner, it can be taken as pushy. We’re not trying to be arrogant or rude — we just want to see you do well, too. It comes from a genuine place, we promise.
  8. We talk a lot. We’re pretty chatty,, given that we’ve always got something on our mind, which is another habit of ambitious women. It’s not always about our goals, but ambitious women are women of many passions, so we can talk your face off endlessly. We don’t work well with the shy and quiet types.
  9. We’re afraid of wasting our time. Because we always have so much on the go, we’re actually pretty scared when we begin to date someone new. Aside from the normal butterflies and natural fears that come with getting into a new relationship, we’re also afraid that nothing will come of it.
  10. We can get tired very easily. Don’t be surprised if the ambitious girl you’re dating passes out halfway through a movie or at 9 pm like a senior citizen. She’s been working her ass off all day on whatever projects she has on her plate, and sometimes she just needs an unannounced nap. She’s not bored or boring — she’s just tired.
  11. Yes, we do have time for a relationship, despite the assumptions. Many people think that ambitious women don’t actually have time for relationships, but that’s completely false. In fact, an ambitious woman who wants to take a chance with you will give it her all just like everything else. She wants love too, and she’ll be just as ambitious to make a relationship work and she’ll always give them her 100 percent.