25 Dead Giveaways Of A Selfish Man That Reveal His True Colors

It’s not always easy to spot right away, but over time certain habits stand out that might suggest someone’s a bit too focused on themselves, especially in relationships. When you’re with a guy who seems to always put his own needs first, rarely considering yours, it could mean he’s leaning towards the selfish side. Spotting these habits is key because they can stand in the way of building a caring and equal partnership. Let’s walk through some clear signs that might indicate you’re dealing with a selfish man.

1. He refuses to compromise.

Compromise is the bread and butter of any healthy relationship. But if you notice he’s always steering decisions to favor his own preferences, it’s a glaring sign he’s not thinking about you. Whether it’s where to eat out or how to spend a weekend, it seems like his choices are always the ones that matter. It’s not that he doesn’t know how to compromise; rather, he doesn’t see why he should if it means not getting his way. His unwillingness to meet you halfway reveals a one-sided relationship where your wants and needs are often sidelined.

2. He rarely performs emotional labor.

In a partnership, both people should be there for each other, sharing the emotional lifting during life’s ups and downs. But with a selfish man, you might find yourself alone when you need support the most. It’s not just about being physically present; emotional labor includes being empathetic, engaged, and willing to talk through feelings. If he’s missing in action during these times or changes the subject when things get real, it’s a sign he’s avoiding the deeper, sometimes more challenging parts of being with someone.

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4. He Doesn’t Prioritize Your Needs.

When your needs come up against his, do yours get pushed to the back burner? If it feels like your needs are consistently ranked below his — from the small things like choosing a movie to bigger issues like managing finances — it can leave you feeling unimportant. A man who truly values his partner understands that her needs should be met. If he’s not making an effort to ensure your happiness is on par with his, it’s a telltale sign of selfishness.

5. He Doesn’t Celebrate Your Wins.

Celebrating each other’s victories is part of the joy in any relationship. If he’s lukewarm about your achievements or, worse, downplays them, it’s not a good sign. This lack of enthusiasm can feel like he’s either indifferent to what makes you happy or sees your successes as a threat to his own ego. When your big moments are met with a shrug, or he swiftly shifts the focus back to himself, it can be disheartening and leave you feeling like you’re in a competition rather than a partnership.

6. He Doesn’t Keep His Promises.

Keeping promises might seem like Relationship 101, but a selfish man often falls short here. If he’s breaking his word, especially on things he knows matter to you, it signals a lack of respect and commitment. It’s not just forgetfulness; it’s a pattern of letting you down and not recognizing the impact of these broken promises. Over time, this behavior can erode trust and leave you feeling uncertain about his reliability and invested in the relationship.

7. He Talks More Than He Listens.

When you’re in a conversation with him, does it feel like a monologue rather than a dialogue? A selfish man often loves the sound of his own voice and will frequently dominate discussions. His stories and issues take center stage, and he gives little room for anyone else’s. When you do get a chance to speak, you might notice he’s disengaged or impatiently waiting for his turn to talk again. This habit shows a lack of interest in others’ thoughts and lives, which is crucial for any reciprocal relationship.

8. He’s Dismissive of Your Feelings.

If you’ve ever been told you’re too sensitive or that you’re overreacting, it could be a sign of his selfishness. When a man trivializes your feelings, he’s essentially saying that your emotional experiences aren’t valid. This dismissal can make you second-guess your feelings and create a dynamic where you’re less likely to open up about your emotions, effectively silencing your voice in the relationship.

9. He Rarely Says “Thank You.”

It’s a small phrase, but “thank you” carries a lot of weight. It’s a basic acknowledgment of someone else’s effort or thoughtfulness. If he seldom expresses gratitude for the things you do, it might indicate that he feels entitled to your efforts as if they’re expected rather than appreciated. This lack of appreciation can leave you feeling unvalued and taken for granted.

10. He Makes You Feel Guilty for Spending Time Apart.

Everyone needs time to have their own life outside of the relationship — to pursue their own interests and maintain other relationships, but a selfish man may see your independence as a threat. He might lay a guilt trip on you for spending time away from him, implying that your dedication to the relationship is measured solely by how much time you spend together. This can be his way of keeping you close, not out of love, but out of a desire to control.

11. He Is Inconsiderate of Your Time.

If he’s consistently late or cancels plans last minute without a second thought, it’s not just flakiness—it’s disrespect for your time. A selfish man often operates on his own schedule and expects others to adapt. If your time together seems to revolve around his convenience, it’s a sign that he’s thinking about himself first. Your time is just as valuable as his, and in a healthy relationship, both partners work to honor and respect that.

12. He Is All Take and No Give.

In relationships, there’s usually a bit of give and take. With a selfish man, however, you might find yourself always on the giving end. If he’s quick to accept favors or support but slow to reciprocate, it’s a clear indicator of selfishness. It’s not that he doesn’t understand the concept of reciprocity; he simply chooses to ignore it unless there’s a direct benefit to him.

13. He Doesn’t Engage with Your Life.

Does he show interest in your job, your passions, your family, or is he disengaged when the conversation isn’t about him? A selfish man often fails to engage with aspects of your life that don’t involve him directly. His lack of interest in your life outside the relationship can leave you feeling like he’s not truly invested in you as a whole person but rather in what you can do for him.

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14. He refuses to break unhealthy habits that hurt the relationship.

When someone continues with habits they know are causing strain in the relationship, it shows a lack of willingness to compromise for the sake of the partnership. If he persists in behaviors that bother you or negatively impact the relationship, it demonstrates that he’s placing his desires above the health of the relationship. It’s not just about the habits themselves but about what they signify—a lack of consideration for your feelings and well-being.

15. He Avoids Responsibility.

If he’s often shirking his share of the chores, or you find yourself shouldering the emotional and practical burdens of life without his support, it could be a sign of his selfishness. When he avoids taking responsibility, it often means he’s content to let you handle the brunt of the workload, whether it’s managing household tasks, making plans, or dealing with complex emotional issues. His avoidance is not just an aversion to the tasks at hand; it’s indicative of a broader reluctance to contribute equally to the relationship.

16. He Manipulates Situations.

A selfish man might often try to manipulate situations to work in his favor. When things don’t go his way, he might twist facts, play the victim, or use emotional blackmail to put pressure on you. He’s skilled at bending circumstances so that he emerges as the one who’s accommodated, often at your expense. This behavior is a red flag because it’s not about finding the best outcome for both of you; it’s about ensuring he wins, no matter the cost.

17. He’s Indifferent to Your Experiences.

Sharing life’s experiences, both the highs and the lows, is part of being in a relationship. If he meets your stories with indifference or swiftly brings the conversation back to himself, it’s a sign that he’s not truly invested in your life. His indifference might leave you feeling unsupported and alone, questioning the depth of his commitment to you.

18. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Heard.

Feeling heard is fundamental in any meaningful conversation or relationship. If you often come away from discussions feeling as though your points have been ignored or your voice hasn’t been acknowledged, it might be because he’s prioritizing his perspective over yours. His disregard for your words can lead to a communication breakdown and a feeling that your opinions and thoughts are not valued.

19. He Rarely Makes Genuine Sacrifices.

In relationships, there are moments that call for sacrifice and compromise. If he rarely shows willingness to make sacrifices, whether big or small, it can signal a selfish streak. A man who is unwilling to put aside his own comfort for the sake of the relationship is showing you where his priorities lie.

20. His Apologies are totally insincere.

Apologies can go a long way in mending mistakes, but only if they’re sincere. If his apologies come off as hollow, with excuses or deflections rather than genuine remorse, they’re essentially meaningless. It shows a reluctance to take full responsibility for his actions and a lack of real intent to change his behavior in the future.

21. He doesn’t support your growth.

Someone who is selfish may often feel threatened by their partner’s growth or success. If he seems disinterested or even hindered by your personal or professional development, it’s likely because it shifts the focus away from him. He might resist or undermine your efforts to pursue new hobbies, further your education, or advance your career. The lack of support for your growth isn’t just about him not being there to cheer you on—it’s about maintaining a status quo that keeps you from potentially outshining him or becoming less available for his needs.

22. He’s Quick to Criticize.

Criticism, when constructive and delivered with kindness, can be helpful. However, if he’s consistently critical of you in a way that’s harsh or demeaning, it’s a sign of selfishness. He may do this to keep you second-guessing yourself and to maintain a sense of superiority. When criticism is used not to build up but to tear down, it’s a clear indicator that the person’s intentions are self-serving.

23. He Gaslights You.

Gaslighting is a manipulative technique used to make someone question their reality or judgment. If he often disputes your recollection of events or how you felt in a situation, dismissing your perspective and insisting you remembered it wrong, he’s manipulating you. Gaslighting is a selfish act—it’s used to avoid accountability and maintain control, and it can be incredibly damaging to your sense of self and the trust within the relationship.

24. He Rarely Shows Interest in Compromise.

Compromise is about finding a middle ground where both parties can feel satisfied with the outcome. If he’s reluctant to reach compromises and often insists on having things his way, it’s a clear sign of selfishness. It’s not just stubbornness—it’s a lack of regard for your wishes and a reluctance to engage in the give-and-take that’s essential for a healthy relationship.

25. He’s Focused on His Image.

A selfish person may be overly concerned with how he’s perceived by others. He might go to great lengths to maintain an image or reputation, even if it means making you secondary to this pursuit. If he prioritizes his image over your feelings, dismissing your concerns or behaving differently in public to protect his ego, it shows a lack of authenticity and consideration for you.

26. He Avoids Deep Conversations About Your Relationship.

A selfish man may steer clear of deep conversations about the state of your relationship, particularly if they pertain to issues or feelings that don’t directly benefit or interest him. He might dismiss your attempts to discuss the future or address areas that need improvement, labeling such talks as unnecessary drama or overthinking. This avoidance isn’t just about a lack of interest going deep — he just doesn’t want to have to make any changes in his life, so he’d rather not discuss the possibility.

Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill