What Is The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign? Astrologers Weigh In

Back in 2021, an internet rumor began circulating, claiming that the FBI categorized criminals based on their zodiac signs. That was complete nonsense, of course, but it did make for an interesting conversation. For those who believe in astrology, the idea that there are some signs that could be slightly more prone to trouble than others isn’t particularly a foreign concept. So, what is the most dating sign? We talked to some professional astrologers to find out.

What is the most dangerous zodiac sign?

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini is known as “The Twins,” leading many to believe this sign is two-faced or could have a Jekyl and Hyde-type changeable personality. In a way, this is what makes them such a dangerous zodiac sign.

Astrologer Charlotte Bailey says Gemini’s “duality” leaves people guessing when it comes to what’s going on in a Gemini’s head. This unpredictability can be a serious problem. “One minute they’re showering you with love, the next, they’re non-existent, or worse gas-lighting. Arguably, one of the fakest signs of the zodiac,” Bailey explains. “Prone to indecision and flaky behavior, this air sign can be incredibly tough to rely on, especially where big commitments or plans are concerned. Their dualistic, up and down, nature can leave you wondering where it all went wrong.”

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo is a surprising addition to this list, especially since on the surface, they seem so humble and unassuming. However, there’s more brewing below the surface that could lead to trouble if unchecked.

Astrologer Karen Comen describes Virgo as “violent,” revealing that their attention to detail combined with the sign’s tendency to have an extremely short fuse could be problematic. ”

“Virgo takes the cake, or should I say, the corpse, for being the most violent sign of the zodiac. That and their exacting, meticulous nature means this Earth sign is least likely to get caught in the act or in the aftermath of a crime,” she says. “The unpredictable mutable energy of a Virgo makes adapting to stressors like guilt and regret a veritable breeze. Expression is not their strong suit, meaning a Virgo will take all their secrets and skeletons to the grave.”

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo the Lion is a fierce and intense sign known for their extroversion, confidence, ambition, and self-centeredness. This sign’s combinations of strengths and weaknesses can make it into one of the most dangerous of the zodiac, according to many astrologers.

“Leos really do have the worst tempers. Especially when things don’t go their way. Leos are prone to dramatics, mood swings, holding grudges and temper tantrums,” says astrology coach Tay Francis. “At extremes, Leos can be self-obsessed and use tactics like gaslighting to get their way. Like the lion itself, Leos are fierce and powerful. Most times, their roar is worse than their bite but when they do decide to fight, they fight to win.”

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio certainly has a sting in its tail, and this sign can be secretive, jealous, and resentful. When provoked, those tendencies can become toxic and downright dangerous. No wonder those born under this sign get such a bad rap!

Resi Innocent of Sodalite Minds believes Scorpio is potentially the most troubling sign of all. “Represented by the likes of Charles Manson, scorpios are known to let negative emotions like jealousy, and revenge consume them. They are passionate, impulsive and can easily hold grudges,” she says. “It’s not to say that they are the most passionate sign, but simply the one that struggles to deal with their emotions the most.”

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

While Pisces is a water sign seen as being peaceful and sensitive, they can also be moody, indecisive, and plagued by overthinking. In the wrong situation, this can lead to serious trouble for the Pisces and anyone around them.

“A Pisces may be famous for their over-the-top romanticism. But have no doubt, the fish is never really ready for a commitment. They are guilty of creating a fantasy so epic in their heads that when reality sets in, the emotional yet not so emotional water sign wriggles away unnoticed,” Comen says. “It may look like you are being showered with their quintessential fairytale affection, but actually, it’s the idea they have created of you. Pisces is described as the great escape artist for a reason. Their passive-aggressiveness originates from an innate sense of fear, they may feel everything deeply, but communication does not come easily.”

Just a minute — do zodiac signs really matter that much?

If you’re someone who believes in astrology, these tendencies will be much more meaningful to you. However, it’s not as simple as it might seem on the surface.

“Every sign is capable of committing crimes, hurting others, causing unnecessary suffering etc., but these signs have the deepest life force behind them to do it,” explains Bailey. “The raw, unbridled energy of their ruling planets, combined with their mutability strength and shadow traits makes them prime suspects for the most dangerous zodiac signs.”

However, Francis adds that when trying to name the most dangerous zodiac sign, it’s not just about your sun sign. You’d need to look at your chart as a whole.

“Not all Sagittarians will be risk-takers and not all Leos will become narcissists. But the more planets or aspects you have in a particular sign, the more likely these traits will be expressed in your life,” Francis says. “And depending on the house a particular sign falls in, this will determine how this energy is expressed in your life. For instance, someone with Leo in the 7th house might be even-tempered but end up having romantic partners with terrible tempers. Whereas another person with Leo in the 1st house could regularly have temper tantrums and outbursts.”

If you want to dig deeper into what your birth chart says about your personality and life, seeking help from a professional is the way to go.

“The best way to know how these energies play out in your life is to get a reading and have a trained astrologer or coach break it down for you,” Francis adds.

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