These Delicious Mini Cakes Can Be Sent Through The Mail To The Sweet Lover In Your Life

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love cake, so the idea of receiving one in the mail is pretty exciting. After all, it feels like the world is still burning down around us and there’s nothing good to look forward to except for snacks, so you’ve gotta get your kicks where you can. Thankfully, there’s a company called bakerdays that makes the process an absolute no-brainer, offering an insane variety of cakes in different designs and flavors that can be sent through the mail. Intrigued yet?

There are plenty of cakes to choose from. Some of their latest and greatest were created especially for Valentine’s Day and pay homage to some of the biggest things in pop culture right now. Yes, that’s right: there’s a Bridgerton cake featuring Daphne and Simon in a loving embrace. If you’re more of a Schitt’s Creek fan, you may be interested in the Moira Rose cake (which was the one I tried!), though the David Rose and Alexis Rose versions are just as delightful.

The cakes are totally customizable. Not only can you change the text that appears on your cake, you can also choose what flavor you’d like the cake itself to be. There’s a traditional sponge, a gluten- and wheat-free sponge, a dairy-free sponge, a vegan sponge, a lemon drizzle cake, a rich chocolate chip cake, and a half-sponge, half chocolate. All of the cakes are covered with a ridiculously good layer of fondant, which is always the real winner in my book.

There are a variety of sizes to choose from too. While I got the letterbox gift cake, which says it can serve 2 to 4 people but I could only barely bring myself to share with my partner, you can also order bigger cakes to serve more people. There’s an option on all of their cakes for a small size that services 10 to 12 people, a medium that serves 18 to 25 people, or a large that serves 40 to 55 people. So basically, whether you’re just sending a little token of affection to your BFF or a long-distance partner or you’re catering a larger party (when it’s COVID-safe, of course), there’s something for every size gathering.

They have so many other things to choose from. You’re not just limited to a few Valentine’s Day cakes here – bakerdays also does cupcakes and covers celebration cakes for tons of different holidays and occasions like baby showers and gender reveals, engagements, new jobs, and basically any other cake-appropriate situation you can think of. Plus, the prices are totally reasonable – the letterbox cakes run about £15 ($20) while the large size is £70 ($95).

Sadly, you’ll need to be in the UK or the EU to order. Because bakerdays is a UK-based company, they can only ship to locations that can safely receive the cake in time for them to still be fresh. That means the UK, Northern Ireland, and most countries in Europe. Shipping times and prices vary by location, but you can find out more information on their website here. Now that I’ve tried one, I’ll definitely be ordering more. What can I say? I’m a cake freak!

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