Angry Delivery Driver Takes Food Back After Customer Gives $8 Tip

A video showing an altercation between a food delivery driver and a customer has gone viral after the driver refused to give the customer his food due to what she believed was an unsuitable tip. The DoorDash delivery driver had received an $8 tip but she didn’t think that was fair and told the customer as much. Things didn’t get much better from there.

  1. The incident was caught on the customer’s Ring doorbell. Instead of leaving the food behind, the delivery driver insisted on speaking with the customer face-to-face so she could confront him for not giving her enough money. While $8 might seem like a pretty healthy tip on a single order, the driver definitely didn’t think so.
  2. The problem was the distance. As the delivery driver told the customer, his house was a very long way away from the restaurant he ordered from, which meant she’d been driving a while. “I don’t think you realize the distance that it’s coming from because then you would never actually have given what you gave,” she said of the reportedly 40-minute drive she had made from the restaurant to the home. “Do you realize how far it is? Do you realize you ordered from Commack and you’re in Smithtown?” she says in the clip.
  3. Why did it take her so long? According to the customer, he believed the DoorDash driver was full of it since the drive should take 15-20 minutes, not the 40 she claimed. She refuted that, however, saying: “I just drove it, it’s 40 minutes. It’s 12.5 miles.”
  4. The customer asked her a pretty fair question. He wanted to know why she bothered to take the job knowing it was going to be so far away if it was a problem, but she claimed that you don’t get to see the distance until you’ve already picked up the job.
  5. The driver said the customer should “make it right” by giving her more money. However, the customer wasn’t having it. “What the hell are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip! he told her. That should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t.
  6. The driver refused to give the man his food. Once she realized she wasn’t getting any more money from the man, she said: “Okay, I’m gonna bring the food back,” then picked up the bag and took it back down the driveway to her car. Wow!
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