Dill Pickle Vodka Exists To Take Your Cocktails To The Next Level

I don’t like wine or beer, so when I do have a drink, it tends to be a cocktail featuring a bit more of the hard stuff. Vodka is probably my tipple of choice, and I love enjoying some salty snacks with my drink like peanuts or even pickles. Now I can apparently skip the eating part because dill pickle vodka exists in one bottle and I’m desperate to try it.

It’s the brainchild of Urban Distilleries. The Canadian brand, based in British Colombia, is famous for its award-winning spirits and wines. While they have an incredible range of products including “liqueurs, Brandies, Eaux de Vie (Calvados, kirsch, schnapps, Okanagan Grappa), Gin, Vodka and BC’s first whisky, the Urban Single Malt Whisky,” I feel like the dill pickle vodka might be the cream of the company’s crop.

It sounds like a strange concept, but hear me out. If the idea of having pickle flavor in your cocktail freaks you out, you obviously don’t understand the joy of Bloody Marys. I do, so I can immediately appreciate the lure of dill pickle vodka. It should add a nice sour note to whatever drink you add it to, and that’s a taste I appreciate.

If dill pickles are too intense for you, there are other flavors. You can even just get plain vodka if you’re more of a traditionalist and aren’t brave enough to branch out into different tastes. I think you’re making a mistake, of course – dill pickle vodka sounds way more interesting and delicious than, say, cotton candy vodka or any weird sweet flavors – but you do you. I’m not here to dull anyone’s shine.

Bottom line: If you like pickles and vodka, you’ll probably like this. Because the company is Canadian, I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but I’m definitely going to grab a bottle on my next trip to Vancouver… and maybe a dozen more to shove in my suitcase.

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