Does He Like You Or Love You? 10 Ways To Tell The Difference

When you’re dating a guy, it’s sometimes hard to tell if he’s super into you or if his feelings are only lukewarm. While it can be unnecessarily confusing, there are tell-tale signs you can’t miss if you pay attention. Here are 10 things to pay attention to you that will tell you everything you need to know.

  1. The way he looks at you No matter what words come out of his mouth, his eyes can’t lie. A guy who loves you will not look at you the way he looks at his friends. He stares at you when you’re not looking and when you look back at him, he averts his gaze or seems suddenly shy. When he does meet your gaze, his look will always be full of tenderness.
  2. The way he talks about his future plans When you talk about future plans and he includes you without hesitation, that’s an obvious sign that he wants you in his life for good. He sees a future with you and it’s natural for him that you’ll be a part of it. A guy who likes you might want to go see a movie tomorrow but a guy who loves you will want to plan holidays with you.
  3. How thoughtful he is A guy who likes you a moderate amount might not be especially thoughtful but if he loves you, he’s going to make a lot of effort to please you and make you happy. It can be little things, but it’s the little things that prove that he pays a lot of attention to you. If you go to the bar, he remembers your favorite drink and will order it without asking you or he’ll surprise you with dinner reservations for the restaurant you mentioned weeks ago in passing.
  4. How much attention he pays to the minor details A new haircut, a new perfume, or a new nice summer dress—a guy who loves you will notice when you change something simply because he pays attention to details and is interested in any little thing linked to you. It might even be even more meaningful if the guy usually tends to forget things. It means he’s really putting a lot of effort into it.
  5. How much one-on-one time he craves When you hang out just the two of you instead of with friends or in very crowded places and clubs, this is a good sign. Whether you’re going for a romantic dinner or even watching Netflix on his couch, a dude who wants to spend more time with you alone is really into you and wants to get to know you more and more.
  6. How often he initiates physical contact When you walk together in the street, he puts his hand on the small of your back. He touches your knee when you’re both laughing at something. All those small signals are telling you that he loves you and he’s burning inside to touch you anytime he can. If he’s never initiating these little touches, he’s probably not feeling it. If he just can’t seem to keep his hands off you, that’s a pretty good sign.
  7. His flirting techniques He doesn’t just try to create physical contact, every conversation will lean towards flirtation. It can be implicit little jokes or obvious compliments—he wants to flatter you and to make you laugh because if you make her laugh you’re halfway there! Even if you’ve been dating for a while now, that flirtation is still present. He wants to create and maintain a mood for you and it’s really adorable.
  8. His willingness to open up Usually opening yourself to others is very difficult and you can’t really do it when you’re not with someone you’re very close to. If he feels comfortable enough to tell you his fears, his dreams, his family history, and his previous relationships, it means he trusts you and wants to establish a deeper relationship with you. You don’t do that with someone you simply like.
  9. His concern for your happiness and well-being In every situation, he’ll always make sure you feel good. He asks if you’re cold, hungry, thirsty, etc. He also regularly checks in with you about your job and your family. In other words, he cares about your happiness and wants to make sure you’re in a good place whenever possible.
  10. How you interact when sex isn’t on the cards The most important element that separates a casual relationship from a serious one is how you interact outside of the bedroom. If it’s mostly physical attraction then it’s very unlikely to involve love. However, if you both share a deeper connection, if you created a bond that is beyond superficiality, then it’s a relationship that can survive through time. That’s the kind of relationship a guy who loves you will be looking for.