If He’s Not Doing These Basic Things For You, Why Are You Even With Him?

We all have different preferences and dealbreakers, but there are some basic requirements all of us should have for the guys we end up with forever. There are certain simple characteristics that every boyfriend should have, no matter what his personal quirks are. Here are 12 things your forever guy should do for you, bare minimum:

  1. Make you laugh Any guy worth anything should be able to put a smile on your face. Life can get tough, and you want a partner who still makes you laugh in spite of everything. A relationship where neither person takes themselves too seriously is more likely to survive. If he’s funny as hell, keep him around.
  2. Make you feel safe Yes, you can take care of yourself, but you want a guy who has your back. You’d stand up for him when he needs it, so he should do the same for you. You deserve a guy who takes care of you physically and emotionally. This isn’t about money or strength — it’s about love and devotion.
  3. Teach you new things It would be pretty boring to end up with someone who does nothing to expand your universe. One of the most exciting elements of a relationship is having another person around who can introduce you to worlds you never imagined. Learn a new skill from him or let him introduce you to his favorite hobby. You might actually enjoy yourself! He definitely will when you offer the same to him in return.
  4. Let you in An emotionally available man is a rare jewel, but he’s not impossible to find. When you do find one, hold on to him. Your relationship will exist on a higher level than any you’ve had before. You’ll finally understand why all the others didn’t work out. Love cannot survive without emotional intimacy.
  5. Make you cry — in a good way The man who brings tears of joy to your eyes is a good catch indeed! You’ve most likely been with a number of men who made you cry in a negative way, but this guy does the opposite. His sweetness and devotion bring you to a depth of emotion that you never thought possible.
  6. Help you grow You’re on this planet to constantly grow, change, and develop as a person. If you remain stagnant, you’ll be horribly unhappy. If you’re in a relationship that does nothing to further your growth, you should leave. The man worth keeping constantly encourages you to reach for your goals and keep trying no matter how often you fall.
  7. Inspire you If you look at him and think, “That’s the kind of person I’ve always wanted to be with,” then you know you’re in the right relationship. He consistently amazes you with his humble kindness and discerning intelligence. You feel like a stronger and more focused person with him by your side. He inspires you to do good and be good.
  8. Give you all of his heart This treasure of a guy will see your value and reward you with every ounce of his love. He knows that you’re a special woman, and he refuses to risk losing you. You never doubt his feelings for a second because he makes them quite apparent. Forget all the players who mess with your head — this is a real man.
  9. Communicate well A mature and evolved man knows that communication is key to any relationship. He’s emotionally secure and comfortable being vulnerable and honest with you. You can always talk to him about anything without worrying that he’ll get judgmental or defensive. Not many men communicate well, so hold on to yours!
  10. Allow you to be completely yourself He feels like home. The two of you are always content with each other, existing as your pure, true selves. He would never dream of making you feel stupid or weak for being yourself. He loves every last bit of you, just as you are. When you find a man like this, you never ever let him go.
  11. Give you space and independence It’s a strong man who’s secure enough in a relationship to let his lady have her freedom and trust her completely. He knows you love him and he doesn’t get jealous — he trusts you. He also knows that no one likes to be caged by love. He encourages you to have your own separate life so that the two of you have even more to share when you are together again.
  12. Earn your trust In a world of players, liars, and cheats, this is a big deal. If you know without a doubt that this man cares for you so much he would never do anything to hurt you, you are one lucky woman. That kind of love doesn’t come around very often. Recognize it, treasure it, and never take it for granted. Life is better with a trusted partner in crime by your side.
A former actress who has always loved the art of the written word, Amy is excited to be here sharing her stories! She just completed her first novel, and is also a contributor for Elite Daily, Dirty & Thirty, and Thought Catalog. Amy is the founder of What If Journey and can be found on Twitter @amyhorton18. You can also visit her website at amyhorton.net.