Domino’s Driver Asks For Tip Before Delivering Pizza And It Did Not Go Well

A Domino’s delivery driver has gone viral after she asked a customer to pay her a tip before she’d even handed over the pizza. The customer, who caught the incident on their home security camera, shared the footage on TikTok, where viewers were shocked and appalled.


Dominos delivery driver asks for the tip before even handing over the pizza. Looks like she didn’t get a tip at all. who’s side are yall on? #dominos #domino #delivery #deliveryheroes #pizza #doordash #tip #tips #rude #customerservice

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  1. The Domino’s driver thought the customer should pay extra. Domino’s drivers in the US make about $17.26 per hour on average. While that’s above the minimum wage, times are tough and many drivers do rely on tips to boost their wages. However, most earn those tips by providing good service, not by demanding customers pay up before they’ve even completed the job.
  2. The customer decided not to tip because of the driver’s rudeness. Immediately after asking for the tip, the Domino‘s driver tells the customer that she had her own car and could have driven to pick it up if she didn’t want to give extra. However, the customer points out that delivery was more convenient.
  3. While the driver was rude, the customer took the high road. She wished the driver a good day and decided not to give a tip. This infuriated the Domino’s driver, who told the customer to “come and get it next time” after leaving the porch of the home.
  4. Some people actually thought the customer was in the wrong. In America, it’s just customary even if it’s a dysfunctional system. “Lol, you’re cheap!! Lmao! Who doesn’t tip?!?” one person wrote. Another added: “No tip…? I could never.” A third agreed, writing: “Yeah sorry I’m on driver’s side on this one.”
  5. However, many believed the driver was rude. The fact that the Domino’s driver hadn’t even given the customer the pizza before asking for a tip was inappropriate, many said. “If someone asks for a tip before the food is even passed over they ain’t getting s**t, especially when they are talking about me having a car,” one commenter noted. “If someone literally said ‘tip?’ to me before I had the chance to even reach in my pocket and grab it, I simply wouldn’t give it to her anymore,” a second added.

Where do you stand?

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