Don’t Believe A Word: Why His Actions Are The True Indication of His Feelings

One minute he says that you’re so beautiful and he’s crazy about you, the next he’s straight up ignoring you and you feel that soul-crushing invisibility that only a bottle of vodka can distract you from. If you’re sick of decoding his mixed signals, there are some tell-tale signs that he’s just not that into you.

  1. He “forgets” about your planned date. Look, I don’t know about you, but when I have a date planned with someone I like, Voldemort himself couldn’t stop me from going. I’ll write it on my calendar and even count down the hours until said date is due to begin. If he’s even slightly as excited as you are for the date then there’s no way in hell he’d forget about it. Chances are he didn’t forget, he just thought getting day drunk with his bros and falling into a comatose state was more interesting than hanging out with you. The truth hurts, I know.
  2. He compliments you excessively about superficial things. Just because he singles you out to tell you that you look beautiful instead of looking you up and down, it doesn’t mean that he likes you any more than the smorgasbord of other girls in the room. Sure, he probably finds you attractive, but all he’s doing is planting the seeds early because he thinks you’re easy pickings.
  3. He’s never the first to text. As hard as you try not to constantly text him, you eventually give in and find a reason to message him, Even if he’s messaging you back (which is a feat in itself), chances are there are a lot more blue speech bubbles than grey ones. If he really wanted you, he’d be asking you questions in order to extend the conversation for as long as possible. Furthermore, don’t think that Xs and Os mean anything either. If he really cared, he’d actually be there giving you real life kisses and hugs.
  4. He keeps trying to have sex with you even when you’ve said no. If you specifically said that you didn’t want to have sex on a particular occasion and he verbally agreed yet still tried to slip it in later that evening, he doesn’t give a damn about you or your feelings. If he really cared, he’d obey the laws of consent.
  5. He laughs at your jokes when no one else does. So he thinks you’re funny and you guys had this cute moment where you were the only two people in the room laughing at your joke. Yay, soulmates! Wrong. Sure, he probably does think you’re funny, but that’s as far as it goes. Laughing at your joke doesn’t mean that he has feelings for you.
  6. He’s non-existent on social media. You hate to admit it, but whenever you post a picture on Instagram, you eagerly await a Like from him. Just one like would be enough to give you some hope, but he never likes your posts even though you constantly see him commenting on other girls’ photos. Sorry to be the bearer of tragic news, but basically, you’re as interesting to him as a slice of bread.
  7. He takes you on a date and barely talks to you. You’ve agreed to go on a date together and he seemed keen when you were texting each other to make plans. However, when you get there, not only does he barely talk to you, but when he spots a friend at the same restaurant, he invites the friend to join you both for a meal. If it was a date, he wouldn’t have invited his friend to dine with you both. Simple as that.
  8. He doesn’t save your number. Once again, you’ve made plans to hang out but when you text him to confirm a time, he responds with the equivalent of, “Who dis?” Even if he lost your number because he got a new phone, that’s still not an excuse. He’d have to have amnesia to forget plans that were arranged just a day prior—and really, when you like someone, you don’t lose their number. You just don’t.
  9. It’s always just you and him. Even though you talk about him to your friends and invite him to events, he has never, not even once, invited you anywhere with his. Heck, they probably don’t even know that you exist and that’s probably the way he wants it to stay. Stop wasting your time and energy on him and cut the dead weight.
  10. He keeps you at arm’s length. Maybe he’ll come out of the blue and randomly let on that he thinks you’re sexy or that he loves the gift that you gave him last Christmas. While these things may be true, it doesn’t mean that he wants to be with you. If he really wanted to be with you, he wouldn’t ignore you for weeks or even months on end only to re-appear again. It’s all about power.