Dos Equis Released ‘Seis-Foot Coolers’ For Social Distancing Dos Equis

Dos Equis Released ‘Seis-Foot Coolers’ For Social Distancing

With coronavirus levels still pretty high around the country, social distancing is just as important as ever. While you can totally hang out with your friends and enjoy some summer sun as well as a few drinks, you need to maintain a six-foot space between you for safety. That will be a whole lot easier with the Dos Equis Seis-Foot Cooler the beloved beer brand just released.

dos equis seis-foot coolerDos Equis

Could there be a better reminder to keep your distance? Dos Equis is doing God’s work here with the Seis-Foot Cooler, reminding you that if you just stand on each end of it, you’re properly adhering to social distancing rules. Not only that, but you can enjoy a couple cold ones at the same time.

Now that we’re able to hang out with our friends again, this was much-needed. Dos Equis announced the release of the Seis-Foot Cooler on Wednesday, June 24, with a spokesperson for the company saying, “Dos Equis is encouraging beer drinkers everywhere to drink responsibly, well, a little more responsibly.”

The cooler holds at least 12 cans or bottles of Dos Equis beer. I mean, there’s nothing saying you have to have Dos Equis. If you like Budweiser or Stella Artois, go with that. Whatever you decide to put in the cooler, you can fit at least 12 cans or bottles, six per side, so you’ll have plenty on tap to get a nice summer buzz on. Don’t forget the ice!

They’re available for free but they’re extremely limited. If you want to get your hands on one of these coolers, you’ll have your chance on Friday, June 26 at 11 a.m. EST. All you’ll need to do is visit and submit a picture of your receipt of a purchase of any quantity of Dos Equis bottles or cans. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get there before supplies run out, you’ll get your cooler totally free.

You should probably be ready in advance. “Unfortunately we aren’t publicizing how many free coolers are available, just know quantities are extremely limited and it’s a good idea to be online and submit your receipt right at 11 a.m. on Friday if you want one,” the spokesperson told Thrillist. “Fans who aren’t able to get a cooler but still want to drink responsibly, responsibly with Dos Equis can receive either $5 off or free shipping through Drizly.”

dos equis seis-foot cooler

Best of luck!

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