Double-Decker Airplane Design Is Horrifying Prospective Passengers

Unless you’re made of money and have a gazillion dollars to spring for Business Class, flying — and especially long-haul flights — can be extremely uncomfortable. There’s never enough leg room, someone’s always reclining basically into your lap, and it’s just the worst. Well, things could potentially get a whole lot worse, especially if these mock-up plans for double-decker airplanes ever became reality.

1. The design was mocked up by Alejandro Núñez Vicente.

The design was allegedly to help economy passengers feel less cramped, when in fact even looking at the images sets off intense feelings of claustrophobia (which I don’t even generally have). The 21-year-old believed this layout could genuinely help the travel situation.

2. He created the Chaise Lounge Airport project for college.

While it was only intended to be part of his schoolwork, Núñez Vicente now believes this could actually work in real life. “If you asked me before, I would have said maybe it’s just a university project. If you asked me now, after all the hard [work], after all the effort of many, many people – I would say that now this is more of a reality. We see it as the future of the economy class,” he told CNN.

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4. Many people don’t get what’s wrong with the current layout.

To that, the designer responded: “So if passengers still fly in the worst economy class seats, why are we going to give them a better option? It makes money. That’s the goal of the airline at the end of the day, not to make your flight better. My purpose here is to change the economy class seats for the better of humanity, or for all the people that cannot afford to pay for more expensive tickets.”

5. Double-decker buses are fun, but airplanes?

No thanks. As one Reddit user pointed out: “It’s disturbing even as a mock-up.” There’s also the fact that the lower seats seem extremely unsafe, with one person saying: “Lower seats will never pass emergency safety requirements.” The upper seats likely wouldn’t fare much better. “Actually I suspect that neither set will pass safety requirements – the upper seats are accessed via two-step ladders and there’s a lot of interference between the upper and lower seats. You have to be able to evacuate the entire aircraft in the ’90s; I don’t think that would be possible with these seats,” another user responded.

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