Drinkopoly Is The Insane Drinking Game You Need At Your Next Party

If you love drinking games but you’re tired of playing beer pong or spin the bottle, you might be looking to mix things up about. Sure, you could play drunk Jenga or King’s Cup, but if you’re looking for something a little more insane, you need to grab Drinkopoly on Amazon ASAP.

It’s designed for up to six players, so no one misses out. Whether you’re having a small gathering of two or three friends or a bigger party, Drinkopoly accommodates up to six people so everyone can have a go.

How it works is simple… yet complicated. Basically, the game comes with 50 different task cards that players have to perform. If you don’t, you have to drink. The squares on the board itself also correspond to tasks that require you to drink long or short shots while performing them. You’ll need to complete these tasks to advance through the game. There are even some special task spots that make the game even crazier.

Drinkopoly promises a forgettable experience. Can you really say you got smashed and had a great time if you can actually remember what happened when you wake up the next morning? Nope! That’s why Drinkopoly wants to make you forget the whole evening (or at least the ins and outs of the game) with its unique approach to gameplay.

It’s nothing like Monopoly. Despite the similarity in name, this isn’t a drinking adaptation of Monopoly. It may have borrowed a twist on the name and both games include cards and dice, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

You’ll need to approach this game with caution. Drinkopoly is incredibly popular with the reviewers, all of whom agreed that the game offers a great time with friends. However, they also warn that you’ll probably want to be careful when playing, as there’s so much drinking involved that ingesting that much hard alcohol could be dangerous. It might be good to sub some of the drinks with something lighter like beer or even (sorry to be a square) some water to keep hydrated. Other than that, have fun.

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