Drug Dealer Goes Viral After His ‘Sexy’ Mugshot Drives Social Media Users Nuts

Drug Dealer Goes Viral After His ‘Sexy’ Mugshot Drives Social Media Users Nuts Derbyshire Police

A British man who was arrested on drugs charges found himself becoming an unlikely internet sensation after social media users couldn’t stop fawning over his mugshot. Stephen Perry, 29, was said to have teamed up with 24-year-old EGi Tafa and 29-year-old Mevlan Koci to produce “hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cannabis.” The Albanian-led gang was sent to prison after a bust, but people weren’t concerned about that. Once the Derbyshire Police tweeted the press release that included the men’s mugshots, Perry was an instant star.

  1. The story itself was of little interest. While busting up a drug operation is always a good thing, that’s not what internet users cared about. Instead, they were immediately taken by Perry’s good looks and many admitted they were “thirsty as hell” for the convict.
  2. Some of Perry’s fans even want him out of jail. Those who found themselves attracted to Perry even started the (one assumes) joking hashtag #FreeStephenPerry. I suppose that’s because having that hotness locked away is a sin in and of itself.
  3. People’s responses to Perry’s mugshot were hilarious. As one person wrote: “You can imprison Stephen in my bedroom if the prisons are full, just saying…” Another added: “How do I go about gaining a visitors permit for Stephen please? Asking for a friend.” A separate person joked: “Maybe that ‘write a letter to a prisoner’ thing is worth a shot.”
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