Drunk Grandma Breaks Limbs On Slide After Sneaking Into Water Park Overnight

A grandmother and her friend both broke their legs after they sneaked into a water park at 2 a.m. while drunk. Claire Vickers, 46, and 44-year-old Barry Douglas got stuck in a water slide flume for more than two hours and ended up with fractured skins and shattered feet at Aldershot Lido park in early August, the New Zealand Herald reports.

  1. Vickers and Douglas just wanted to have a bit of fun. As you’re probably well aware, nothing makes bad ideas seem like good ones quite as much as alcohol. No doubt Vickers and Douglas thought it would just be a laugh to sneak into the water park after hours.
  2. It didn’t quite turn out as planned. If you’ve ever been to a water park, you know that the slides work by having a constant stream of water flowing down them, which carries riders to the bottom. Since the park was closed, the slides weren’t on. This caused a bit of a problem when they tried to go down.
  3. Vickers and Douglas splashed water down the slide. Thinking that alone would give them enough lubrication to make it down into the pool below at speed, they splashed a bit of water from the top of the slide. Solid enough idea, I suppose!
  4. They slammed into a barrier at the bottom of the slide. Their legs smashed into the exit and shattered their feet. One of them even broke their shin. Vickers said it was “like a scene out of the horror film Saw.”
  5. They called for hours for help. While they banged against the slide for many hours to try and get help, no one came for ages. Throughout the ordeal, Douglas ended up having both of his ankles shattered and one of his feet was “hanging off.”
  6. Hampshire Constabulary officers eventually turned up at 3:46 a.m. Local residents had phoned police after believing kids had broken into the park. Instead, they found Vickers and Douglas and took them to a local hospital.
  7. Vickers was in the hospital for nearly three weeks. She had to have a metal rod placed in her shin and plates in her foot. She’ll be unable to walk for the next six weeks.

Police decided not to press charges against them.

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