’90s Kids Rejoice: Dunkaroos Are Officially Coming Back

’90s Kids Rejoice: Dunkaroos Are Officially Coming Back Dunkaroos

I feel like it’s pretty fair to say that Dunkaroos were one of the best snacks of the ’90s and perhaps of all time. Those crunchy little sweet cookies with that sickeningly delicious pot of frosting were the ultimate diabetes-inducing combo we all needed in our lives as kids, and now they’re finally officially coming back just in time for summer. Get ready to reclaim your youth, people!!

  1. We’ve been asking for this for so long! Rumors have been floating around the internet for ages now that Dunkaroos were coming back, but so far, that’s all they were: rumors with no real facts to back them up, just the hopes and dreams of a nation.
  2. General Mills finally confirmed the return on February 3. The hope that Dunkaroos were coming back became stronger than ever when the official Dunkaroos Instagram account popped up on January 24 with a close-up picture of some vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles in it. However, it wasn’t until February 3 that the news became official and boy, am I glad it finally is!
  3. Dunkaroos are coming back just in time for summer. Delish reached out to a PR rep for General Mills who confirmed and slightly expanded upon the Dunkaroos Instagram post teasing that the snack would be back this summer. “The iconic cookie and frosting duo will be available for dunking this summer in its most requested and beloved flavor: Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles,” the rep confirmed.
  4. 2020 just got so much better. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a pretty rough start to the year for me, so I’m holding tight to any bit of good news I can get. Dunkaroos coming back counts as pretty good news, I’d say, and I can’t wait until these hit stores so I can stock up lest they be taken from us again prematurely.

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