Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Says He’ll Definitely Run For President If People Want Him To

Pretty much everyone loves Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The former pro-wrestler turned successful actor is not only talented, he’s also incredibly kind, funny, intelligent, and always standing up for what’s right. These qualities haven’t just endeared him to fans, they’ve convinced people that he would make a great president of the United States. Turns out, The Rock is actually game for running for the highest office in the land if everyone’s really into it.

  1. If Trump can get elected, anyone can. While many would argue that celebrities should stay out of politics and vice versa, the fact is that the United States seems to have lost all semblance of sanity when it comes to who we believe should lead our country and represent us to the rest of the world. After the utter disaster that was Trump’s presidency, The Rock would certainly be a million steps up, right?
  2. The Rock is dedicated to uniting the American people. You might have expected Johnson to rebuff any questions about him possibly running for president, but during a recent interview on the Today show, the opposite happened. In fact, he said he would actually go for it if he had the support and believed he could truly do some good. “I do have that goal to unite our country and I also feel that if this is what the people want, then I will do that,” he said in response to a question about his political ambitions.
  3. Surely he’d run as a Democrat, right? Maybe an Independent? While The Rock has never revealed which political party he’d run under, anyone who’s followed him over the years can pretty much deduce that he’s not a Republican. However, it could be that even the Democratic party isn’t for him and that if he ran for president, he would do so under an independent party. Who can say?
  4. A lot of people would vote for him. A poll last week revealed that nearly 46% of Americans said they would at least consider voting for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for president, which is both surprising and not. Like I said, you would have thought Americans were done with the experiment of putting celebrities in public office, but I guess not. I suppose we can only wait to see what happens in 2024!
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