Woman Who Survived Being Stabbed By Ex-Boyfriend 16 Times Now Sees ‘Shadow People’ Everywhere

A Colorado teacher who miraculously survived being stabbed 16 times by her ex-boyfriend says she was saved by the ghosts of those she loved and now sees “shadow people” everywhere she goes. Eilish Poe was checking on her pet rabbit when her ex-boyfriend Jonathan Crossley ambushed her and launched a vicious attack. She is incredibly lucky to be alive.

  1. Poe and Crossley only dated for a short time. However, Poe decided she didn’t want a long-term relationship with him and decided to break things off. He didn’t want to accept it, and instead began harassing her via text.
  2. Crossley waited in Poe’s crawlspace for 26 hours as he waited to attack. He brought food and water and looked for the perfect time to viciously attack Poe. When she went upstairs to check on her pet rabbit, he jumped on her from behind and began stabbing her repeatedly and bashing her head against the wall.
  3. Eilish Poe was stabbed 16 times. In addition to having her head slammed against the wall and floor, she suffered stab wounds in her neck, arms, and torso. Bleeding heavily, she thought her only hope of surviving was to play dead. Because one of the stab wounds had punctured her lung, when she rolled to her side, a whooshing sound was emitted that somehow convinced Crossley it was her final breath.
  4. Crossley stopped his attack as quickly as it began. Once he was sure Poe was dead, he left the home, hitting her with the door as he left. That was when she began seeing the ghosts of people she loved.
  5. Poe saw her grandmother and her best friend, who died by suicide earlier that year. “My paternal grandmother was standing right there,” she recalled. “My grandmother Jeanie passed away in 2014 – she was just standing there kind of quietly smiling at me. She didn’t wave or anything like that.” She added that seeing her best friend was particularly comforting. “It is a crystal clear image of what [Vicky] was wearing, and she was also just standing there, and the same as Jeanie she had this comforting smile on her face.”
  6. It was the ghost of a woman named Alyssa Burkett that helped her survive. For some reason, Eilish Poe saw Burkett, a woman who had been stabbed and shot to death in Poe’s hometown of Fate, Texas. “[She] literally pulled me up, and I was sitting upright,” Poe said.
  7. Poe somehow managed to call 911. While she had little use of her arms and hands, she managed to use her nose to swipe the screen of her phone and dial emergency services. Several days later, she woke up in the hospital and was told that Crossley had jumped 150 feet from a cliff at Arthur’s Rock.
  8. In the months after the incident, Poe started to see “shadow people.” While no one else can see them, Poe said in an episode of “Otherworld” that the figures are clear as day to her. “I started seeing these shadowy figures, they used to only be in the corner of my eye. Then it kind of escalated to seeing them in front of me as clear as can be, but also not clear because it was a staticky type person, a figure always in the shape of a human,” she revealed. “I’ve seen them probably between 50 and 100 times – like a lot. They never approach me apart from one specific time, and the second I start to walk towards it or acknowledge it, it’s just gone.”
  9. Eilish Poe dismisses the idea that the “shadow people” could be the result of PTSD. Instead, she believes coming so close to death allowed her access to something not everyone else can see. “I think because I almost crossed over, because it was so close, maybe those shadow people are people who are in the between of crossing over and they’re in the middle somewhere, maybe that’s why I can see them,” she said. “I feel like I have evidence that something happens,’ Poe said, adding she now believes in an afterlife of some form.”
  10. She has undergone 10 surgeries since the stabbing. Her injuries were so severe from the attack that even now, she’s still recovering. However, she’s doing better every single day, and we’re so glad to hear it.

Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill