Everything You Need To Know About Butt Lifts

Butt lifts are becoming more popular, but there are important things to know about them, especially when it comes to the dangers and side effects involved. If you’re interested in changing the appearance of your booty, here’s the lowdown on lifts and implants.

How does it work?

Ever wondered what actually happens during a butt lift? Well, the surgeon will remove excess fat and skin from the area, and then the remaining skin is positioned in such a way to make the butt look more toned. Sounds simple, right?

It’s not enough to add va-va-volume.

You might think a butt lift alone is enough to give you a more shapely rear, but this is a myth. It will only tone you up a bit. To achieve greater results and volume, you’ll need other procedures, such as implants or grafts.

What’s the deal with fat grafting?

 The Brazilian butt lift is becoming very popular of late, and you might be wondering what it entails. It’s basically when the surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from another area of your body and injects it into the buttocks to give it a plumper, shapely appearance so you can feel like a sexy Kardashian.

How is it different from butt implants?

A butt implant, on the other hand, is when your surgeon inserts silicone implants into your rear. Basically, a cut is made in the vertical butt crease and then the silicone implants are placed inside the gluteal muscles on each side.

How much does it cost?

You’re looking at approximately $5,000 for butt implants and most health insurance won’t cover it because it’s cosmetic surgery. If you’re interested in getting this done, you’ll need to start saving.

Too big is a problem.

You might want to be bootylicious, but make sure you’re not getting implants that are too large for your body as these can pose risks. The bigger the implants, the more risk that post-surgical incisions will tear open or that the implants will move out of place. (Yes, that can happen!)

There are side effects.

While they might not all happen to everyone, there are some common side effects you can expect after having butt augmentation. These include pain, scarring, bleeding, skin discoloration, fluid accumulation, and of course side effects after undergoing anesthesia, such as nausea and vomiting.

Brazilian butt lifts are less invasive.

When compared to having implants placed in your butt, Brazilian butt lifts do have some benefits over that procedure. For starters, they make use of your own fat so you don’t have to risk your body rejecting a foreign material, like silicone. You might also have less scarring and less downtime after the procedure.

Both procedures require lifestyle changes.

Whether you have a butt augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift, you have to take it easy. You will experience pain, but the problem is that you can’t really sit down or bend until you heal. In fact, sitting down or lying on your back needs to be avoided for several weeks after the procedure. Sitting down is actually uncomfortable, even though you’ll need to try to relax and recover. Yikes!

This is more intense than it sounds.

You have to sleep on your stomach or side, you can’t drive because you can’t sit down for long, and you have to squat when using the toilet instead of sitting down. This will affect many areas of your life for many weeks.

They’re both expensive.

Since it’s a bit less invasive, you might think that having a Brazilian butt lift is cheaper than implants, but it’s not that much better for your pocket. You’re looking at approximately $4,400 to get it done.

Any butt implants can shift out of place.

With butt implants, you have foreign material in your body so things can go wrong, whether the butt implants are big or small. You might experience an uneven appearance because the implants are jiggling around. If you’ve opted for the fat grafting procedure instead, this can also cause an uneven appearance because of the body’s fat absorption process. These problems require more surgeries to fix the issues.

You might not be allowed to have a butt lift.

There are some things that rule you out as a candidate for getting a butt lift, and these include planning to lose a lot of weight. Drastic weight loss can affect the appearance of the butt lift and is not recommended. If you can’t keep your weight at a stable level, you can’t have the procedure done. You also need to quit smoking and inform your doctor of any health conditions that you have. For example, if you have diabetes or a heart condition, you might not be allowed to get butt work done for your own safety.

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