What To Expect When Dating A Highly Emotional Guy

All you want is a man who’s sensitive and isn’t afraid to show his emotions. That’s great – in movies. I’m serious. All it takes is a few weeks to realize sensitive usually means highly emotional. It’s like trying to date yourself when you’re hormones are going haywire. See, not fun.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve dated emotional guys. They’re not all bad. They have some great qualities. You just need to know what to expect before jumping it. Dating an emotional guy is a strange experience. It kind of makes you understand where guys are coming from when they talk about women and all of our feelings. Before you get involved, let me give you the tips I wish I’d had.

He’ll say “I love you” way too early

I honestly had the guy say “I love you” the second day we were together. There was a date, we hit it off and the next day he said it. I think I mumbled some kind of pig Latin back. It freaked me out, but he was completely sincere. I tried to keep avoiding it, but he wanted to talk about it. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last.

You’ll make him cry… a lot. 

Okay, I think I lost count around 10. Yes, I made this poor guy cry more than 10 times. What did I do? Beats the hell out of me. I didn’t like a song he listened to. I didn’t want to double with his friends on the first day of my period. Be prepared for some very unmanly tears over the craziest things.

He’s more indecisive than you. 

If you get into the whole “What do you want to do?” / “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” loop, it won’t end. You will need to make the decision. I even had to help one emotional guy decide what to order for dinner.

You can’t hide your feelings, ever. 

I’m not the most open person, especially at first. While it’s kind of nice that he knew something was up, it was kind of freaky too. Even before we started dating, he could tell my every mood with a glance. If you have a hard time expressing your emotions, an emotional guy might be a great choice.

You’ll always know how he’s feeling. 

Tired of men who just grunt and never show any emotion? Yeah, I didn’t realize there was an extreme opposite man. Not only are his emotions blatantly obvious, he’ll likely give you a detailed update on what’s going on in his life, how he feels about it and how he thinks others feel about it.

You’ll have to think about every word. 

I’m glad the emotional guys I’ve dated paid attention to what I said. The problem is they also tend to over-analyze your every word. I mentioned liking an actor in some movie and suddenly he thought I wanted him to look exactly like that. So be careful what you say or he will read too much into it.

He shares and shares and shares some more. 

From your first date, you’ll know everything about him. I appreciated the openness and honesty. I really didn’t need to know about every ex, his parents’ life story, his collection of tigers or his not-so secret obsession with boy bands during our first major conversation. On the other hand, hearing him sing N’SYNC was hilarious and slightly disturbing.

Chick flicks are your future. 

Think you like chick flicks? He’ll like them even more. He’ll usually want to try out a lot of what he sees. Honestly, these guys are just hopeless romantics. Enjoy it. While he might go overboard sometimes, it’s kind of sweet.

Everything’s a disaster. 

He will freak out – over everything. He sees any bad thing that happens as a sign that worse things are about to happen. Did your haircut go horribly wrong? He’ll think you’re trying to look bad so he’ll dump you. I can’t even explain just how far reaching his thinking truly is. Just expect to calm him down often.

He can’t stop texting you. 

Forget about never hearing from your man. Dating an emotional guy means you’ll hear from him constantly. I actually had one call him every few hours just so he could hear my voice and I quote “not miss a single moment of my incredible life.” Yes, very creepy. Yes, that ended quickly too.

He loves making big romantic gestures. 

Okay, so this is awesome. It’s easy to get spoiled when he’s always treating you. Guys like this remember every thing you tell them and every tiny milestone in your relationship. They love celebrating and surprising you. Some of his ideas won’t go so well, but it’s nice that he tries.

You have to compliment him often. 

I think this might be how I’ve ended up dating way too many emotional guys. I have a habit of trying to boost people’s moods.Emotional men tend to be a bit insecure. I guess my mood boosting comes off as flirting to them. I did learn that they need compliments all the time to keep them feeling confident.

He loves cuddling more than sex. 

This is a pro and a con. Cuddling is awesome. Sex is awesome too. Don’t be surprised if he’s more interested in a quickie than trying anything new. His end goal is to get off as quickly as possible just so he can cuddle. He’ll talk a big game, but you’ve got to work with him to make him realize that you need more than just a few strokes and cuddle time to be satisfied.

Okay, I think that prepares you. It’s definitely an adventure, but at some point, you’ll come across Mr. Emotional. Good luck when you do.

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