A Fainting Bridesmaid Made These Wedding Pictures The Most Memorable Portraits Ever

When Kevin Kennedy Ryan kissed his bride on their wedding day and the photographer’s camera snapped away, he had no idea history was being made for another reason entirely: a fainting bridesmaid that conked over in the background of the shot.

Kevin married his wife, Jess Ryan Smith, about four years ago. He shared the now-viral photo on his Twitter page in celebration of their three year anniversary and while romantic images like that often get a few likes here and there, this one went NUTS thanks to the fainting bridesmaid.

The bridesmaid was actually Kevin’s sister Grace. She just so happened to lose consciousness and fall over just at the moment they that Kevin and Jess shared their first kiss. Talk about an unfortunate coincidence! He said that she “fainted at the exact moment the judge says you may kiss the bride” and that it was “a real split second photograph.” As soon as everyone realized what was going on, they all rushed over to Grace to make sure she was okay.

Grace got a little too hot but she was okay. Kevin believes that Grace fainted due to overheating and that while she was shocked that she lost consciousness, she was actually totally fine and didn’t suffer any injuries or anything. Whew! “My sister was absolutely fine,” he told The Independent. “We got her back up, she was still a little wobbly so she remained sitting down for the rest of the ceremony with a cold glass of water. We restarted our first kiss and then everything was pretty normal for the rest of the evening.”

The photographer wasn’t sure whether or not to include the photos. Sean Cook took some amazing shots of the couple’s special day, but he wasn’t sure whether he should just delete the unfortunate shot of Grace on the ground. Sean emailed the picture to Kevin to ask if he still wanted it and it took Kevin awhile to figure out what the problem was. “When I opened the email from Sean, I didn’t twig what was wrong with it,” Ryan said. “I thought it was just a first kiss picture and he was asking if we were happy with it. I then clocked my sister’s legs on the floor and started dying of laughter.”

If nothing else, it’s certainly a memorable wedding photo. When else would something like this happen? Never! Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, and this picture certainly makes sure that’s the case.

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