Family Of Man Who Died Ask His Fiancee For Her Custom Engagement Ring Back So His Sister Can Have It

A woman who tragically lost her fiancee was shocked when his family asked her for her custom engagement ring so that the deceased man’s sister could have it. As she shared in a Reddit thread, her fiance proposed to her on their fifth anniversary last December with a ring made especially for her by a local goldsmith. Sadly, he passed away a few months later, and now his sister and mother want the ring. Who does that?

  1. Engagement rings are a big thing in OP’s country. While she doesn’t share where she lives, she does mention that she grew up watching lavish American proposals on TV and in movies and always dreamed of experiencing it in real life. Because of this, her fiance wanted to make her dreams come true by getting her the special ring. “I absolutely adore it,” she shared.
  2. His family began asking for the ring soon after he died. As OP shares, a few weeks after her fiance passed away unexpectedly, her fiance’s sister and mother began calling her and asking for the ring. They claimed that since the couple never got marreid and never will, “I should give the ring to the real family since it represented a promise that will never be fulfilled.”
  3. OP rightfully said no. She admits that if it was a family heirloom, she wouldn’t hesitate to hand over the ring. However, her fiance had it made especially for her and gave it to her on their five-year anniversary so it was special for her.
  4. Her fiance’s family have now approached OP’s family about it. According to OP, her fiance’s parents have only spoken to her family once or twice over the years but now have approached them and told people in the community that OP is stealing something that doesn’t really belong to her. As she shares, the community seems to be divided about who’s in the wrong.
  5. Everyone on Reddit seems to agree: she should keep the ring. Just because her fiance sadly passed away doesn’t mean their relationship wasn’t real and important and that she shouldn’t keep the symbol of love between them as a remembrance. If anyone’s in the wrong, it’s her fiance’s family for being greedy! Why would his sister even want to wear a ring designed specifically for another woman?
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