Father Left Fighting For His Life In Hospital After Trying To Protect His Son From School Bullies

A British father is in critical condition in the hospital after attempting to stand up for his son against the boy’s bullies. Alan Willson, 46 and from West Sussex, ran to a local park from his home after he found out his 11-year-old was being cornered by the bullies, but he was knocked to the ground unconscious and had to be flown to the hospital by air ambulance, where he continues to fight for his life, Metro reports.

  1. He was beaten horrifically by the teens. After Alan noticed two teens throwing his son to the ground, he attempted to stop them, only for them to turn on him, beating him unconscious and then bashing an object over his head while he lay on the ground and his son watched on.
  2. Alan may not make it due to the extent of his injuries. According to his wife Annie, her husband is “fighting for his life after brain surgery for multiple bleeds on the brain” inflicted upon him by the 14-year-old and 15-year-old bullies. She described him in a post online as “the most kind and gentle man in the world” and revealed that Alan is in a coma and things are touch and go. “The ventilator won’t work properly. He has facial fractures. I hope you are proud of yourself,” she wrote. “We have been told now to just live life day by day.”
  3. Even if he does live, he may end up with brain damage. Because Alan is currently in a coma to hopefully reduce the swelling on his brain, it’s unclear how those traumatic injuries will have affected him and whether or not he will have lasting brain damage. While his family members are all pulling for him, they’re devastated to know that the loving father and husband may not make it.
  4. Five teen boys have now been arrested for the crime. Four teens were arrested on the same evening of the attack, which took place on Easter Sunday. All four were charged with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm with intent. A fifth youth was arrested later on and charged with the same crimes. “They were released on bail with conditions while police inquiries continue. These conditions include strict curfews, staying at a given address away from the local area and not associating with each other,” police said in a statement, as per The Sun. “Police also arrested a fifth boy on suspicion of attempted murder on Monday. He has also been released on bail with strict conditions. Police are treating this as an isolated incident. Officers will be conducting increased regular high-visibility patrols in the area to provide reassurance to the community, and to identify and deter any further criminal behavior. The investigation is ongoing and police are urging anyone who saw what happened, or who was in the park around that time and may have any relevant information, to get in touch.”
  5. A JustGiving page has now been set up to help Alan and his family. So far, more than £31,000 has been donated. It doesn’t erase what’s happened to Alan or the long battle ahead, but it may help alleviate some of their suffering and help them ensure Alan gets the care he needs.
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