Female Cyclist Wipes Out In Background Of Live News Broadcast While Trying To Take Selfie

Female Cyclist Wipes Out In Background Of Live News Broadcast While Trying To Take Selfie MSNBC

A selfie-taking cyclist had the unfortunate experience of wiping out on live TV when her fall was caught in the background of a live news broadcast. MSNBC reporter Guad Venega was updating viewers on COVID-19 guidelines while on the beach in Santa Monica, California when the woman on her bike rode into the shot… and quickly fell off and onto the ground after trying to snap a photo of herself. Oops!

  1. Well, that’s unfortunate. It’s embarrassing enough to fall over in public when there are no cameras around, but to have it happen while you’re on live national TV? Yikes! Of course, the woman may not even have realized she was in the background of a news broadcast, so perhaps viewers are only feeling second-hand embarrassment on her behalf!
  2. Thankfully, the woman wasn’t seriously hurt. While it’s amusing to see someone totally wipe out, especially when they should be paying attention to what they’re doing rather than trying to take a selfie, it wouldn’t have been nice if she was seriously hurt. However, it seems the damage was more to her ego than her body. “Thankfully she was able to get up and ride away,” Venegas tweeted along with a video clip of the incident. Whew!
  3. Let this be a lesson! Is your Instagram feed really worth risking your health (or someone else’s!) for? It’s fine and well to want to make your feed look like you’re living the most fabulous, fun life ever, but there’s a time and a place. Riding a bike in a public space isn’t the one. Next time, perhaps the woman will wait until she’s off her bike before snapping that pic.
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