This Is How You Flirt Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Flirting is a necessary part of dating — in fact, it’s actually one of the fun parts — but no two people are exactly the same when it comes to how they do it. That’s why it’s sometimes so hard to tell if someone is flirting with you or not. Just like everything else in life, your zodiac sign might provide a little insight not only into how you flirt but also what kind of flirting certain zodiac signs respond the best to. Do these classic flirting moves sound anything like you?

  1. Aries. If there’s one thing you are not, it’s shy. When you see something you like (probably in the form of a handsome stranger), you won’t hesitate to make your move. You aren’t afraid of a challenge either. In fact, a little competition actually turns you on. You lead with confidence and passion and are unlikely to be attracted someone who is too passive. You know what you want and you’re intent on getting it.
  2. Taurus. The one word that can be used to describe your flirting style is sweet. You prefer when someone else makes the first move and you aren’t opposed to playing the long game. You have a magnetism to you that draws people in and your go-to move probably involves lightly touching the object of your affection’s upper arm or hand to show them you’re interested. You’re subtle but certainly not shy.
  3. Gemini. You like to talk, and your sense of humor is witty and engaging. You enjoy having deep conversations with someone you like as a way to figure out if they’re capable of stimulating your intellectual side. You use body language to communicate your interest as well because you know sometimes what you aren’t saying can be just as powerful.
  4. Cancer. For you to really start laying on the charm, you have to be pretty confident that the person you have your eye on already likes you. Then you’ll ask a million questions and shower the object of your affection with attention. You’re a great listener and have a way of getting people to really open up to you, which doesn’t always come across as flirting, but it certainly makes an impression.
  5. Leo. You’re dramatic and unafraid of wearing your emotions on your sleeve. That means if you like someone, it won’t be long before they know about it. Subtlety isn’t really your thing, but that works for you because you love the spotlight and capable of carrying on multiple flirt-mances at the same time. You crave attention in the form of compliments and physical affection and you’re not bad at reciprocating either.
  6. Virgo. Body language is your number one tactic when you’re in flirt mode. You’re intelligent and you prefer intelligent people, but you aren’t always easy to read because you tend to send mixed messages, seeming super engaged one second and then standoffish and disinterested the next. You’re a hard one to figure out, but for some reason, that ends up working in your favor.
  7. Libra. When people refer to someone who is a “natural flirt,” they’re probably talking about you. You’ll flirt with just about anyone — and you’re good at it, thanks to your natural charisma and love of romance. That means just because you’re flirting with someone doesn’t mean you want it to go anywhere — you keep your real feelings close to the vest because keeping up appearances is important to you and you aren’t going to get all emotional in front of just anyone.
  8. Scorpio. You absolutely love the chase. Your passion and intensity come across in your flirting style because it genuinely seems like you’re enjoying every suggestive touch, thinly-veiled comment and sexy smile. You don’t even need to have a specific endgame in mind — sometimes the build up of sexual tension is exactly what you wanted. Of course, your target will be so into you by that point that they’ll be more than willing to take it from there.
  9. Sagittarius. It’s not hard for you to attract your share of admirers. You have a direct but playful flirting style that can be extremely captivating. You’re adventurous and love trying new things, so you always have a good story to tell. You tend to stay emotionally detached, though, because for you, flirting is just how you make friends.
  10. Capricorn. You won’t bother flirting with someone you don’t find intellectually interesting. You’re always straightforward and clear about your intentions and you can’t tolerate anyone who is wishy-washy. You have that cool, calm and collected exterior, but it’s also important to you to be genuine. You don’t flirt just to flirt; there has to be a good reason.
  11. Aquarius. You’re such a social flirter that you can flirt with an entire group of people at once, thanks to your charisma and passion. You’re drawn to people who are personable and free-spirited and you prefer to follow your intuition when it comes to choosing a partner. Your flirting style is highly fluid and adaptable. No one would ever call you predictable.
  12. Pisces. You’re on the reserved end of the spectrum when it comes to flirting. Your wild imagination makes it easy for you to think of new and interesting ways to approach flirting. When you like someone, you aren’t the type to send mixed messages — you’re in tune with your emotions and you let your guard down easily.


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