Florida Man Beaten Into A Coma For Asking Neighbors To Lower The Volume Of Their Music

A Florida man was brutally beaten and is now in a coma after asking his neighbors to lower the volume of their music. Frank Penkava, 42, had to be placed in a medically induced coma at Memorial Regional Hospital with multiple facial fractures following the June 14 attack in Hollywood, NBC Miami reports. Doctors were waiting patiently for Penkava to stabilize before they’re able to perform vital operations, according to WPLG.

  1. The details surrounding the attack are still limited. Penkava’s sister, Gina Horvath, said that she believed her brother was viciously beaten after asking his neighbors to turn down their loud music. However, she says there’s no excuse for the brutal beating Penkava received. “There is no reason for what they did to him. I understand that people get into altercations all the time and people’s emotions are high, especially over the last year, but there was nothing to warrant what they did to him,” she said. Someone called 911 following the attack, but it remains unclear who that was and police haven’t been forthcoming with details.
  2. He was beaten so badly, he was barely recognizable. Horvath revealed that were it not for Penkava’s tattoos, she would have been unable to identify her brother, that’s how badly he’d been attacked. She revealed that he’d suffered several broken bones, has to be checked for brain damage, and picked up an infection at the hospital. “He continues to fight every day but he’s very, very sick,” Horvath told WPLG.
  3. Penkava is a dedicated father whose son may now miss out on having his dad around. As Penkava’s mother, Joan, told WPLG, the fact that her son may not survive – or that he may survive with serious limitations – is weighing heavily on the family. “My son has a little boy. He is going to be 4 years old — he is beautiful and he may never know his dad,” she said. “We don’t know what damage has been done mentally, let alone all of the physical issues he has. It’s very disheartening.”
  4. Investigations are said to be ongoing. It’s unclear at this time whether any arrests have been made or if there are any suspects in mind, but police are said to be looking into the attack.
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