Florida Woman Hurls Sausage At Gas Station Attendant During Argument

A Florida woman was arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct after she allegedly threw a sausage at a gas station attendant during an argument at Kwik King in Ocala, Fox 35 reports. De’Asia Cobb lost it and ended up behind bars over the outburst, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.

The argument started over something pretty silly.

According to authorities, Cobb and the unnamed Kwik King employee got into it when Cobb became enraged that the cashier didn’t handle her two transactions at the same time.

This led to them shouting racially charged slurs at one another before things turned physical.

De’Asia Cobb launched an assault.

At that point, Cobb became so angry that she pulled a sausage from the hot tray as well as the tongs used to pick up the food and threw both items at the cashier.

The tongs are said to have hit the worker in the leg and the sausage hit them on the right wrist. After this outburst, De’Asia Cobb is said to have left the store.

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The worker decided to fight back.

Police say that after Cobb stormed out, the cashier picked up the sausage from the floor and walked out of the store, throwing the processed meat at Cobb’s car.

This led to Cobb throwing a can of coke she just bought and the same sausage back at the cashier, who at this point was standing near the store’s front counter.

The cashier wasn’t hit by either item this time around.

The store owner watched the whole thing go down.

They ordered Cobb to leave the premises immediately, but she refused, insisting she wasn’t trespassing. Instead, she stuck around “loitering and taunting” employees for a further 8 minutes.

Police turned up shortly after and arrested De’Asia Cobb, booking her into the Marion County Jail on $1,500 bond. She posted bail soon after and was released.

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