Florida Woman Sentenced For Pulling Down Husband’s Shorts In Town Square

Florida Woman Sentenced For Pulling Down Husband’s Shorts In Town Square Lady Lake Police Department | Google Maps

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is pranking around with your partner and having fun. However, there’s always someone who wants to rain on your parade, as 53-year-old Kerry Ann Graber of Belleview found out recently. She and her husband were having a grand old time at Spanish Springs Town Square when she thought it would be hilarious to pull his pants down as a joke. The Lady Lake Police Department, however, did not think it was funny.

  1. Kerry Ann Graber would probably blame it on the juice. She’d clearly had plenty of it, as when officers found her at around 11 p.m. on the evening of February 23, she was passed out on the sidewalk and her jeans were “saturated” because she’d urinated on herself.
  2. She was still urinating when they got there. When police arrived on the scene, Graber pulled herself up onto a bench and a puddle began running from the bench down onto the sidewalk. Looks like she broke the seal!
  3. Graber became belligerent when police approached her. She began pointing her finger at them and started cursing officers out. She was also said to be staggering all over the place and couldn’t stand upright or walk very well.
  4. Her husband turned up soon after and tried to take her home. Instead of getting in with him, she instead started cursing him out and kept climbing out of the car. That’s when police decided she needed to be placed under arrest.
  5. Graber made the ultimate move: She pulled down her husband’s shorts. When officers tried to cuff Kerry Ann Graber, she made one last grab at power and reached over to pull down her husband’s shorts in the middle of the town square. Now that’s a no-no.
  6. She spent 12 days in prison before her husband bailed her out. According to Villages News, she appeared in Lake County Court this week and pleaded no contest. Because she’d already spent time in jail, she was sentenced to time served. She also has to pay $50 for each of the days she was behind bars, $100 for prosecution costs, and $238 in court fees.
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