Florida Woman’s Shaky Leg Leads To Arrest Over Failed Drug Exchange At Prison

Florida Woman’s Shaky Leg Leads To Arrest Over Failed Drug Exchange At Prison Escambia County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman is facing serious charges after her plan to smuggle drugs into a prison in the Florida Panhandle was foiled by a nervous habit of shaking her leg. Maria Delosangeles Maceo is now sure to be on the other side of the bars thanks to the stunt, Fox 35 Orlando reports.

Maria Delosangeles Maceo went to visit an inmate at the Century Correctional Facility on Sunday, October 29.

Arrest records from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office state that Maria Delosangeles Maceo was charged with smuggling contraband into prison, resisting arrest, and trafficking cocaine after she brought the drugs during her visit to an inmate she knew.

“Her plan was to use this false identity, smuggle drugs into the facility, and give them to an inmate during a visit,” authorities said.

Her shaky leg gave her away.

Deputies say that Maceo was admitted to the visiting area of the prison and sat next to the inmate in prison. However, corrections officers thought something might be up when they noticed her violently shaking her leg — a clear nervous habit and a potential sign that something wasn’t quite right.

The correction officer’s suspicions were confirmed when he saw Maceo pull two packages out of her belongings and hand them to the prisoner.

Unfortunately for her, the inmate was in such a hurry to get the packages into their pocket that they dropped them on the floor.

“Not a good look for those attempting to covertly pass drugs in a prison environment,” deputies added.

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Maria Delosangeles Maceo was immediately arrested.

As they watched the exchange, corrections staff immediately stepped in and took the packages which contained cocaine and marijuana, respectively.

They also found that Maceo wasn’t using her real name — they discovered that on an arrest warrant she had in Miami for drug charges.

Maceo is now in custody in Escambia County Jail on $55,000 bond. The inmate in question “will be dealt with by prison authorities.”

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