Florida Woman Poisoned Boyfriend’s Lemonade Because ‘He Wouldn’t Shut Up’

Florida Woman Poisoned Boyfriend’s Lemonade Because ‘He Wouldn’t Shut Up’ Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman admitted poisoning her longtime boyfriend by spiking his lemonade with antipsychotic medication because she was sick of him talking so much, according to sheriff’s officials. Alvis Lorraine Parrish, 54, confessed last week by shouting at police from her front porch, Action News Jax reports.

  1. She at least had the decency to turn herself in. Parrish had no qualms admitting what she’d done. In fact, she’s the one who called the crime into police. After giving him what she described as just enough to “quiet him down” but less than needed to kill him, Parrish told officers: “Yeah, I did it… because he wouldn’t shut the f*** up.”
  2. Parrish vowed to kill the man as she was arrested. While she didn’t give her boyfriend enough Seroquel to take his life, she did vow to get rid of him for good as police took her away. “Do whatever you want. If you don’t take me, I will kill him,” she told officers.
  3. The man was a bit out of it but okay. Seroquel, which is used to treat bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia, had left the unnamed victim “extremely lethargic” at the house. He told police he had no idea why he felt so tired. “I’m not sure why she would give me that,” he told officers. “I don’t take Seroquel.”
  4. Parrish is still in jail on $50,000 bond. She’s been charged with poisoning food or water with the intent to injure or kill a person. She’ll be back in court on December 29 to answer to her charges.
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