Florida Woman Sets Car On Fire After Getting Upset With Her Job

Florida Woman Sets Car On Fire After Getting Upset With Her Job Tarpon Springs Police Department | YouTube/IONTB

A Florida woman was arrested after she reportedly set a car on fire after getting upset about her job on Friday, October 27. Amber Marie Galbraith, 35, was taken into custody by officers from the Tarpon Springs Police Department (TSPD) after the vehicle was spotted in flames in the parking lot of Tarpon Towers just before noon, WFTS Tampa Bay reports.

She might have set her office on fire.

According to fellow employees, Amber Marie Galbraith, who worked in the call center of Clean Sky Energy, was fuming due to an undisclosed disciplinary matter and left the building to take a break. When she came back, she had a lighter and two bottles of lighter fluid, which a colleague noticed.

Galbraith was prevented from going into the office by the colleague, but Galbraith pulled the colleague’s hair and gained access to the building anyway.

Galbraith torched her colleague’s car.

Further incensed by being kept from reentering the office, Galbraith is said to have left the building and gone over to the colleague’s 2020 blue Nissan Versa. She poured a bottle of the lighter fluid over the hood and the front quarter of the car before setting it alight with the lighter.

It wasn’t long before police arrived, but she wasn’t about to go down easy. Instead, she apparently tried to run away and continued resisting arrest once officers got her on the ground. An officer later revealed that Galbraith tried to bite his arm and leg during the altercation. However, she was eventually successfully taken into custody.

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Amber Marie Galbraith has a lot more to be angry about now.

After being taken to the county jail, she admitted that she pulled a colleague’s hair, setting off the fire alarm, and setting the car alight, though she claimed she did so because the car was “contaminated with the coronavirus,” IONTB reports.

She’s since been charged with one count each of battery, arson, and obstruction.

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