Florida Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Running Out Of Beer And Pees On Kitchen Floor

Florida Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Running Out Of Beer And Pees On Kitchen Floor Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

A 46-year-old Florida woman was arrested after she stabbed her boyfriend over a fight over beer, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. Melanie Kaye Wright is said to have struck the victim, Douglas Emmons, with a knife in his left arm and was found with two cuts on her left hand when police arrived, with both receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

  1. Emmons said Wright had arrived home drunk. Because of her inebriated state, the pair argued for two hours over whether or not they paid the electric bill, Sebastian Daily reports.
  2. Soon after, things turned violent. At one point, Wright is said to have grabbed the phone and beat Emmons in the forehead with it four or five times. Deputies noted a lump on his forehead consistent with this version of events. She then became incensed that there was no beer left in the house and took things to the next level.
  3. Wright intentionally peed on the kitchen floor. She also began pouring milk and other beverages down the kitchen sink in response to not having any alcohol in the house. At this point, Wright took the knife she was holding and stabbed Emmons in the left arm before he wrestled the weapon from her and went outside to call the police.
  4. She had a different version of events. Wright claimed when she got home drunk, Emmons was upset and he hit her in the mouth, causing a small cut to her lip. She also claims he poured her beer down the sink which is why she retaliated by pouring out the milk and other drinks. Authorities say the evidence lends more credence to Emmons’ version of events.
  5. Wright was arrested and taken to Indian River County Jail. There, she was charged with felony attempted murder and her bond set at $50,000.
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