These Freezable Beer Glasses Will Keep Your Favorite IPA Cold For Hours

There’s literally nothing worse than warm beer, and with the temperatures nearing hellish lately, it’s hard to keep your favorite IPAs above room temp for longer than a few minutes. Sure, you can pop some ice into your pint glass if you’re really daring (and lame), but who puts ice in beer? Thankfully, there are now freezable beer glasses to solve your biggest summer problem.

They contain a cooling gel that acts as an ice pack of sorts. You store them in the freezer so that they’re delightfully cold when you’re ready to pop open that bottle of India Pale Ale at the end of a long day. HOST, the company behind the product, say that their cooling gel is proprietary, meaning no other product can offer you the same thing. I’m down!

The set comes with two glasses so you can share with a friend (or just have two glasses for yourself). Also, you have to admit it would look a little weird to have just one freezable wine glass in your house. It needs a friend!

You get two hours of cold time with these puppies. When the cups have been frozen, which takes just a couple of hours, HOST claims they’ll keep your beer between 43 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours. No one takes two hours to drink a bottle of beer, so you’re golden. In fact, you can probably get through a six-pack in that time (though I wouldn’t recommend it).

You can put non-alcoholic drinks in them too. I mean, whatever goes! Pour in your iced coffee, a can of Diet Coke, whatever beverage you want to—they’re your glasses, so I’m not going to tell you what to do with them!

The grey silicone band means you won’t freeze your fingers off. HOST says the band is included to make handling the cups more comfortable, and I suppose that comfort includes not turning your fingers into icicles when picking up a frozen cup.

If you’re interested, they make other freezable cups too. Whether it’s freezable wine glasses you’re after, freezable martini cups, or even freezable whiskey glasses, HOST has your summer drinking woes sorted.

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