‘Friends’ Monopoly Exists & I’ve Never Wanted To Play A Board Game More

It absolutely blows my mind that Friends is 25 years old now. It feels like only yesterday we were watching Ross lose his mind over his colleague eating his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich and singing along with Phoebe as she crooned out “Smelly Cat” at the top of her lungs. I guess I’m getting old, which is probably why I want to sit and drink tea and play this Friends Monopoly for the rest of my days.

The playing pieces are Friends themed. Yes, I know that goes without saying considering this is a Friends version of Monopoly, but the playing pieces are super cool. There’s a guitar, a chef’s hat, a T-Rex, a pizza box, a button-down shirt (could I BE wearing any more clothes?), and an oversized purse. I don’t even know which one to pick.

The places on the board are special Friends moments. You can move along the board to Ross’s teeth, Phoebe getting married, and All The Thanksgivings, just to name a few. When you invest, it’s not in houses, it’s in Central Perk sofas and coffee mugs. What else would it be?

This is a must-have for any Friends lover. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for another Friends fan in your life, Friends Monopoly is a unique and fun piece of memorabilia that anyone will want to own. If you love Monopoly and Friends, this is extra desirable.

It’s semi-expensive, but totally worth the cost. Just over $50 might seem a lot for a board game, but all the reviews insist this is really good quality and will last a really long time. Considering it’s a limited edition item that’s tied to one of the best shows ever, I feel like it’s worth the investment and I’m placing my order right away. How about you?

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