There’s A French Fry Festival Happening In Florida—Who Wants To Go?

Sure, sweet treats are great—hit me up with some donuts, a slice of cake, or a bag of peanut M&Ms any day—but the older I get, the more I appreciate savory snacks. Obviously potatoes in all their glorious forms are at the top of the list, with french fries probably being my #1 fav. If you’re the same, you’re going to want to head to Florida next month.

  1. It’s called the Frye Festival. Get it? It’s a play on the disastrous Fyre Festival, only you don’t need to take a flight to some deserted island or pay thousands of dollars to go. Instead, you just need to make your way to Tallahassee, Florida for “an immersive fried potato festival.” I’m sold already!
  2. They’ll have every kind of fry you can imagine. Apparently the Frye Festival will feature three separate restaurants and serve up “the best in straight fries, curly fries, waffle fries & adventure” as well as “unlimited sampling” of those products. I mean, this just keeps getting better.
  3. You have a little time to plan. The festivities aren’t happening until July 13 (from 6-9 p.m.), so if you don’t live in the immediate area and need time to get your travel plans in order, you’re in luck. However, you may want to grab your tickets to the actual event soon. For some reason, I can’t imagine that a festival focusing on french fries (whew, that’s a lot of Fs) won’t sell out.
  4. They’ll have 12 different french fries to choose from. TWELVE! According to the event’s website, things will go down like this: “Each location (Madison Social, Township and Centrale) will feature a different style of fry (straight, curly, waffle). Each style of fry will have four different unique versions of that fry. That’s 12 different french fry creations to walk around and sample.” Uh, YUM.
  5. Imagine all-you-can-eat french fries for $30. That includes a t-shirt too. You’ll need to book in advance for that, but if you’re OK with going shirtless and would rather just turn up on the day, tickets will apparently be available at the door. All tickets include UNLIMITED french fry sampling. Think I could bring a Tupperware container to fill up?

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[H/T Grubstreet]

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