Nightclub Manager Arrested For Hosting ‘Kama Sutra’ Contest For Valentine’s Day

Nightclub Manager Arrested For Hosting ‘Kama Sutra’ Contest For Valentine’s Day Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

Georgia nightclub manager Lizette Loechle was fired and arrested after staging a “Kama Sutra Valentine’s Day Party and Contest” at Chiquititas Lounge in Norcross. Celebrating the holiday of love in a whole new way, she incited patrons to perform live sex acts, with the “winning” couple to take home a $500 prize.

  1. Lizette Loechle apparently took part in the contest herself. While it’s unclear exactly what she did, she did admit to police after her arrest that she wasn’t just a bystander/judge in the contest—she actually joined in on the festivities herself at one point.
  2. She even put a bed on the dancefloor. In addition to decorating the club in Valentine’s Day decorations, an actual bed was brought in and placed on the dancefloor for participants in the contest to, well, demonstrate their skills on, Fox5 reports.
  3. It wasn’t long before explicit videos were posted online. While you might think that people would be hesitant to start disrobing and getting busy in public, Lizette Loechle’s contest had plenty of entrants, from the sounds of it (and the looks of the graphic videos that were uploaded by others at Chiquititas).
  4. Things got a bit raunchy pretty quickly. As Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Collin Flynn told WSB-TV 2, “At some point during the night, they did bring this bed in and members, patrons of the business, were the ones who actually took their clothes off and simulated sex acts with these females. In the video, you can see a number of people in a state of undress, simulating sexual acts. The people were surrounded by other patrons who were filming this incident and encouraging the people to participate.”
  5. Lizette Loechle didn’t think she’d broken any laws. After her arrest, she told police that she thought it was totally kosher to throw a live sex show with a cash prize at the club. Unfortunately, she was charged with providing live entertainment that features nude dancing and throwing a contest that encouraged guests to engage in sexual acts. Uh oh. She was booked into the Gwinnett County Adult Detention Center but later released after posting $810 bond.
  6. Chiquititos wants everyone to know they’re an upstanding establishment. They hope Lizette Loechle’s arrest serves as a warning as to how seriously the club’s owners take their business. As per a message they posted on their Facebook page, “On the night of February 14, 2020, a number of patrons chose to engage in inappropriate conduct. We do not condone their actions. We immediately notified authorities and began our own internal investigations. In response to our findings, we have terminated the manager on duty at the time, and we are fully prepared to reprimand any additional employees in connection with this unfortunate incident. Currently, we are working on new policies and procedures to prohibit any incident of this nature from occurring again.” Something tells me it was a night many guests will never forget.

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