Woman Praised For Barking At Strange Men Who Catcall Her In The Streets

There’s nothing more annoying as a woman than being out on the street, minding your own business when men decide to start yelling sexually suggestive comments at you. It’s not only obnoxious, at times it can make you feel unsafe. Well, one woman decided she had the perfect way of handling catcallers: just bark at them. Her name is Lo and she goes by @whatsupimjared on TikTok, where she’s garnered lots of praise for her unconventional response.


how to properly deal with men

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  1. Lo was questioning whether purple was her color when the catcallers struck. In the clip, Lo was wondering whether the purple shirt she was wearing went with her hair and looked good on her (it totally does, girl!) when men who are off-camera say hello to her. Wanting to be friendly, she said hello at first, but it didn’t end there.
  2. Saying hello made the men feel like they could go further. After Lo said hi back to the men, they started talking about how “fine” she is. Uh, who asked for that? I’m sure they felt like they were offering her a compliment, but Lo didn’t ask for it and wasn’t feeling it. So, she did what any woman might do: she turned around and barked at the men.
  3. She captioned the video “how to properly deal with men.” So many women applauded her for her response as they related to Lo’s frustration. “That’s a great response I’ll be using that,” one person commented. Another added: “Normalize barking at men.” Another commenter added that they felt it was an “appropriate response” to being catcalled. And it wasn’t only women who supported her – a few guys even praised her too and admitted that catcalling was a problem for women.
  4. Some people suggested Lo was “flirting” with the man by saying hello. Don’t you just love the popular stance that if you dare to say hello or smile at a man, you’re automatically flirting? Then, if you tell them you’re not interested when they come into you, you’re a bitch and no one wanted you anyway. Lo rejected that, however, saying that she says hello to everyone regardless of gender. Here’s to barking at men more often!
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