This Giant Inflatable Beach Ball Is The One Thing Missing From Your Perfect Summer

If you’ve been enjoying your summer but still feeling like there’s something missing from your pool parties and beach trips, I have the answer. It’s this giant inflatable beach ball and you can get it on Amazon Prime!

  1. This thing is literally 6 feet in diameter. That’s massive! That’s bigger than me and pretty much every other woman I know! It’s almost comically large, but that’s what makes it such a fun novelty item that’s perfect for BBQs, parties, etc.
  2. It can be blown up quickly. You’ll need an external pump to do so, which makes sense given how big it is, but once you hook it up you can get it up and running, so to speak, pretty quickly. That means you can take it right out of the box, pump it up within 10 minutes or so, and immediately get the party started.
  3. Like all inflatables, you’ll need to give it a pump up every once in a while. While the ball won’t deflate that much over time, you might need to give it a little extra air every few days if you notice it feeling a little less firm. However, most reviewers agree that this is a quick process that doesn’t need to happen all that often.
  4. It even comes with a patch repair kit in case you spring a leak. While the ball’s manufacturer, GoFloats, claims that the ball is made of super durable material that should last a long time, it still comes with a patch repair kit just in case you do hit a snag or accidentally rip it. To reduce the chances of the need for repairs, you should be using it on a soft surface like grass or water.
  5. Who doesn’t love beach balls? They remind me of being a kid and all the fun I had during summer vacation at the beach and in my cousin’s pool. Much of the draw of something like this is the nostalgia factor, but it’s also just a lot of fun to play volleyball with a giant beach ball.

Piper is a NYC-based writer who loves dogs, iced coffee, and calling people out on their BS.