Jeff Golblum Talks About What It’s Like To Be A New Dad At 70

Jeff Goldblum has opened up about what it’s like to be a new dad at the age of 70. The “Jurassic Park” actor and his wife, Emilie Livingston, 39, have two children together — 7-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old River. While 70 years old seems late to get started in parenting, Goldblum says he’s loving the journey.

Raising kids is hard at any age, let alone at 70. Generally speaking, most people have kids 30 to 40 years prior to him. However, he’s not phased by his age and says that it’s actually “fun” raising kids with Emilie.

Being a dad is what’s keeping Jeff Goldblum young. Appearing on “Today,” Goldblum said that not only has having kids given him loads of energy but has also improved his relationship with his wife. “It’s amazing, it’s revivifying, and makes my relationship with Emilie, frankly, enhanced,” he shared. “Seeing [my wife] in this new role is unbelievable. She’s heroic beyond imagination.”

However, he admits that it’s not always a walk in the park. However rewarding parenting can be, it’s certainly not easy, and Goldblum admits that there are some very trying times. “And it’s challenging and it’s sometimes maddening and very volatile. As you know, at 3 and 5, 5 and 7 they can be like feral creatures unleashed. Oh yeah, and sweet and amazing. It’s great,” he said.

Jeff Goldblum never thought he would be a dad. In a separate interview with the Radio Times, the actor said that having kids was never on his radar. It wasn’t until he met his wife that he thought it might be something he wanted to do. “I never thought that I was going to do it. I had never been particularly passionate [about fatherhood] or envisioned it for myself,” he said.

He doesn’t regret waiting until he was older to have kids. While he knows he’s getting up there in age, he believes it happened “right on schedule.” As he put it: “It’s not that it doesn’t occur to me. I would not want to say goodbye to them prematurely.”


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