This Giant Inflatable Sushi Roll Pool Float Comes With Its Own Chopstick Doodles

With summer finally here, I plan on spending as much time as I can poolside, soaking up the sun (once I apply copious amounts of SPF 50+, of course), enjoying some fine beverages, and floating around in the water on a comfy pool float. I’ve bought plenty of novelty floats over the years – this light-up swan is one of my all-time favorites – but this year I’m celebrating my love of snacking with this giant sushi roll pool float* complete with chopstick doodles.

  1. Who doesn’t love a good sushi roll? I’ll eat sushi all year round, but it’s particularly delicious in summer because it’s light and refreshing on hot days. Reminding myself of just how good sushi is 24/7 with this pool float is kind of a no-brainer. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun, don’t you think?
  2. It’s the perfect size for lounging. Swimline’s sushi pool float measures 60 inches – yes, that’s five feet – in diameter, so there’s plenty of room to spread eagle on it while you work on your tan. That being said, the brand insists it can actually fit three to five people on it if you’re not selfish and like to share. (I am and I do not.)
  3. It’s easy to inflate and deflate. It’ll be a whole lot easier if you have an electric pump, but if you have a huge lung capacity and a lot of willpower, you could blow this up manually. And while it’s made of really durable, UV-resistant vinyl, if you do happen to spring a leak, it comes with a patch kit so you can fix it right up.
  4. Convinced you need this yet? Swimline’s sushi roll pool float can be purchased from Amazon for around $50. Given that it comes not just with the float but with chopstick doodles, that’s a pretty good deal. Think of all the fun you’ll have in the water this year!

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