The Girl Scouts Released French Toast Cookies And You Can Buy Them Online

The Girl Scouts Released French Toast Cookies And You Can Buy Them Online Girl Scouts USA

I was a Girl Scout myself growing up and I had the pleasure of selling (and eating) many a cookie in that time. I may have left my badge-earning days behind me, but I haven’t lost my taste for the cookies, and thankfully I can still buy them as an adult. Thin Mints are an ultimate favorite along with Samoas and Shortbreads, but now that the Girl Scouts have released a french toast cookie, I think I might have another to add to the list.

french toast girl scout cookies

  1. French toast is the king of sweet breakfasts. If you’re not going with something savory like eggs and bacon, french toast has to top the list for sweet breakfast options, right? (I mean, I love pancakes too, but come on!) The fact that the Girl Scouts recognize this universal truth and have incorporated it into their cookies is just perfection. Insert chef’s kiss here, etc.
  2. It’s called the Toast-Yay! It’s basically compromised of a toast-shaped, vanilla-flavored cookie that is iced on one side with an unnamed flavor that I assume comes together to create the french toast flavor we’re all looking for. Regardless of what it tastes like, this is a Girl Scout cookie we’re talking about here, so you know it’s gonna be good.
  3. This year, the cookies are being sold for a good cause. So many people have been impacted by the coronavirus, not just via the illness itself but the knock-on effects it’s had on the economy such as increased poverty, job loss, etc. Selling cookies has allowed the Girl Scouts to help out the most vulnerable in their communities. “Amid challenging world events and a global pandemic this year, Girl Scouts created moments of joy by donating cookies to thank frontline workers and using the cookie earnings to support their communities,” the organization said in a press release on August 18.
  4. You don’t even have to go anywhere – you can order the French Toast cookies (and all your other favs) online. Thank goodness for that! Head over to to grab yours and happy snacking!
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