Glam Influencer Describes Herself As A ‘Proud Catfish’ After Revealing Makeup-Free Face

A British influencer has brushed off criticism from trolls who accuse her of pulling a fast one on fans after she revealed what she looks like without makeup. Jordyn Lyne, 22, has more than 670,000 TikTok followers and regularly shows off her favorite makeup products and beauty tutorials. However, after she posted a video of herself without makeup, the nasty comments rolled in.


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  1. Jordyn isn’t bothered by the haters. In fact, she describes herself as a “proud catfish” in an interview with Caters News (via NY Post). As she explains it, “Everyone looks different without their makeup on! There would be no point in wearing makeup and spending time getting ready if it didn’t make us look any different.”
  2. She joined TikTok in 2020 after her transition. Jordyn, who’s trans, signed up for the platform as a way to showcase makeup, which had become an integral part of her identity. “I love that I can make myself look so dramatically different by just using makeup,” she said. “It’s so much fun to play around and see what I can create.”
  3. Jordyn believes it’s really important to show herself without makeup to help other trans people. While she’s gotten comparisons to Mrs. Trunchbull from Matilda and been relentlessly heckled for her appearance, Jordyn isn’t backing down. “Exposing myself without makeup on social media can be really scary,” she explained. “I hate my facial hair, so showing myself with it makes me very vulnerable but … it can also help normalize facial hair and masculine features for the trans community.”
  4. The trolls have only inspired Jordyn to share more of herself sans-glam. Instead of being upset by the comments she receives, she’s actually able to see the funny side. “I’ve been told that my catfish transformations are the reason that people should take girls swimming on the first date,” she said. “Some of the comments really make me laugh.”
  5. Jordyn will never stop loving sporting a full face of makeup. She loves herself no matter what, but she really loves working on different looks. “Whether I am in full glam or fresh-faced without any makeup, I still feel confident no matter what,” she said. “But I just enjoy the process of doing lots of makeup and see what a difference it makes.”

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